Comparison: EnergyLogic vs. Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces

Switching to a waste oil furnace can generate a lot of energy savings as you convert your used petroleum fluids into free heat for your business. But choosing between the different waste oil furnace brands on the market can be difficult. To make sure you make the right decision, carefully compare what the leading manufacturers’ equipment offers.

In past blog posts, we shared the similarities and differences between:

But how does our equipment stands up to EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces?

What Clean Energy Heating Systems and EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces have in common:

  • Stainless steel components for durability
  • Versatility in what they can burn (used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF fluid, #2 heating oil)
  • Air swept heat exchanger for maximum efficiency
  • Pre-assembled, vacuum-tested pump
  • Models in a variety of sizes to heat both small and large facilities

But there are some noteworthy ways in which our waste oil heaters are not the same. Read on to find out why!

How Clean Energy Heating Systems and EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces are different:

Clean Energy Heating Systems heaters have the following features EnergyLogic’s do not:

  • Easy and quick easy cleanout, requiring no tools (Why? A hinged cleanout door, over-center latches, and an oil line that doesn’t need to be disconnected and flue stack that doesn’t need to be removed before cleanout)
  • High-altitude settings to prevent furnace from damage due to over-firing
  • Digital burner controls to minimize manual effort and the potential for user error

If you have questions as you’re comparing our waste oil furnaces to others on the market, we invite you to contact us. We’re here to help you make an informed decision that will help your business cut costs and improve profitability for years and years to come. Contact us today!