Our Story

In 2011, one of the largest waste oil furnace manufacturers in the industry moved their operations out of state after being acquired by a Chicago-based investment firm. When this happened, four colleagues who had left the company to stay in Pennsylvania began meeting over pancakes and eggs to refine an idea for a new kind of waste oil furnace. Benji, Larry, Virgil and Doug shared a common vision, and Clean Energy Heating Systems was born.

Their initial team, made up of waste oil heating experts with multiple patents and over 175 years of combined experience, was determined to start a new company to manufacture innovative waste oil heating products that would push the limits of technology and help businesses save money. Most importantly, they wanted to build a high-quality furnace that would stand the test of time by overcoming some of the design flaws inherent in other brands’ furnaces.

Today, with a much larger team, a nationwide network of distributors, and thousands of furnaces built, Clean Energy Heating Systems is committed to the same vision and values that its founders developed over breakfast many years ago.

  • To Consistently & Thoughtfully Innovate
  • To Stay on the Cutting Edge of New Technology
  • To Deliver the Highest Quality Products
  • To Provide Excellent Customer Service

These values have led to the highest quality waste oil furnaces on the market today. Over time, data has proven that Clean Energy furnaces last longer, heat more efficiently, and deliver better ROI than any other. They perform much better than other brands and require less-frequent service. All of this adds up to the highest cost-savings in the industry for our customers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces and boilers, we invite you to contact us today. Our team is eager to answer your questions and share our vision with you!