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    Our 12-Year Warranty is the best in the business,
    and thanks to innovative designs and stainless steel
    components our furnaces are built to last.

  • Innovative Waste Oil Furnaces

    Our advanced furnaces last longer, heat better
    and save your business more money in the long
    run than any other brand.

  • Cutting Edge Accessories

    Check the temperature, adjust heat settings
    and make sure your furnace is running optimally
    with our Wi-Fi Thermostat and smartphone app.

  • Advanced Waste Oil Boilers

    Facilities with radiant floor heat and
    other hydronic systems can now reap
    the cost savings from heating with waste oil.


Waste Oil Furnaces that Burn Hot & Save Money

Clean Energy Heating Systems is a different kind of waste oil furnace manufacturer. We research, we test, we push the limits of technology and we build high-quality waste oil furnaces and waste oil heaters that will save you money.

Our waste oil furnaces are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And they even heat up your bottom line by taking used oil products out of your waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE HEAT for your business.