Waste Oil Furnace Comparison: Lanair vs. Clean Energy

If you’ve been looking to save on your company’s energy costs by converting to waste oil heating, you’ve probably noticed there are several well-known and respected waste oil furnace manufacturers to choose from.

Lanair, for example, has a strong reputation for manufacturing quality waste oil furnaces. At Clean Energy, we hold our competitors in high regard and encourage you to put a lot of thought into your purchase decision because there are many similarities and differences between the available makes and models.

cehs-300x250-2A Few Similarities

Lanair and Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces have a number of things in common. Here are just a few!

Both brands of waste oil furnaces will save you money.

That’s right, they’ll both provide your business with free heat. All waste oil furnaces recycle used petroleum products and transform them into free heat for your facility. You can save a lot of cash by reducing or completely eliminating the need to buy heating oil.

Both brands of waste oil furnaces are environmentally-friendly.

Both Lanair and Clean Energy waste oil furnaces ensure you’re disposing of your used oil in a way that meets EPA requirements. You get peace of mind from knowing that your waste oil is being removed according to government regulations and in the most eco-friendly way. No more worrying about cradle-to-grave laws that can put you on the hook for improper disposal.

Both brands of waste oil furnaces are versatile.

Most waste oil furnaces will accommodate different types of used petroleum products including transmission fluid, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and even #2 heating oil. Or you can burn a combination of those types of waste oil products all mixed together.

Both brands of waste oil furnace come in a variety of sizes to suit your facility’s needs.

Lanair and Clean Energy both manufacture waste oil furnaces in varying sizes and capacities. Large or small, your business can take advantage of the cost-saving benefits inherent in waste oil heating.

Both brands of waste oil furnaces come with guarantees.

Both Lanair and Clean Energy offer manufacturer warranties so you’re covered if the unit you buy doesn’t meet high performance standards.

A Few Important Differences

At Clean Energy, our line of waste oil furnaces and waste oil boilers include a few very unique features that set our products apart from the competition. These important differences are:

  • Clean Energy waste oil furnaces include digital burner controls, so you don’t need to haggle with adjusting them manually. That helps reduce the risk of human error, and makes sure that your waste oil furnace will fire up easily every single time.
  • Clean Energy waste oil furnaces feature vertical flue tubes that allow ash to fall directly into an easy-to-clean collection pan. This new design means that our furnaces more efficiently transfer heat in addition to being easier to clean.
  • Clean Energy waste oil furnaces are made with stainless steel components that are long-lasting, ultra-durable and rust-resistant.

As you’re comparing the various manufacturers and models of waste oil furnaces on the market, we encourage you to take your time and ask questions. That’s the best way to discover the unique features and benefits of each respected manufacturer.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about Clean Energy waste oil furnaces. We’ll be happy to share information about our products and help you make an informed decision.