CE-440 Waste Oil Furnace

Our Biggest Furnace Generates the Most Savings

The NEW CE-440 Waste Oil Furnace is our largest and most powerful furnace yet, designed to turn used oil into free heat in even the biggest and tallest spaces. With up to 420,000 BTUs of heating power and all of Clean Energy’s patent-pending design advances, it’s the ultimate way to heat warehouses, garages and other large spaces.

Its ability to run solely on used motor oil, transmission fluid, and other petroleum products means that when you invest in the CE-440 Waste Oil Furnace, your business will start saving money on day one.

Like all of our waste oil furnaces, the CE-440 is engineered to burn used oils and comply with all EPA regulations. Our furnaces are designed for easy installation, longer cleaning and maintenance intervals and flexible installation in areas with limited ceiling heights and other access requirements.

One of the most valuable benefits of heating your shop with a Clean Energy furnace is our patent-pending, stainless steel heat exchanger and vertical flue tubes. These innovations ensure long-lasting durability and highly efficient operation for years to come.

  • Vertical flue tubes resist deteriorations & last longer
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger & flue tubes that prevent rust & increase the life of the furnace
  • Heat exchanger & flue tubes are designed to limit heat escape & maximize the heat produced
  • Flue tubes are swedged, not welded, to resist cracking even with heavy use
  • Longer service intervals of 1,000+ hours
  • Easy clean-out with over-center latches on doors and no tools
  • Digital, programmable burner control for reliable operation in all conditions
  • Thermostatically-controlled pre-heater easily pass UL “cold oil start” tests
  • Burns waste oils including most synthetic oils, transmission fluid, diesel fuel & just about any mixture of oil products
  • Includes a pre-assembled, tested metering pump
  • Easy access oil line connector block allows servicing without disconnecting the oil line
  • Squirrel cage blower for quiet operation
  • Extensive support network with local representatives from coast to coast, as well as factory support
  • Industry-leading 12-year warranty, so that you can buy with confidence
  • 420,000 BTU/hour
  • 4,800/85°F air flow output CFM/heat rise
  • 3.0 GPH fuel consumption
  • Acceptable fuels: used crankcase oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic oil, #2 heating oil (diesel fuel) & most synthetic oils
  • 230 VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase, 30-amp breaker
  • High-velocity, stainless steel, air-swept heat exchanger
  • Vertical, stainless steel flue tubes
  • 8″ diameter stack outlet
  • Tank, wall or ceiling mountable
  • 1,000 plus hour cleaning interval
  • Digital wall thermostat
  • 14,000 volt Ignitor with Interrupted Duty
  • 127″l x 34″h x 33″w
  • UL & cUL listed
  • Made in the USA
  • 12-year warranty on stainless steel heat exchanger & combustion chamber
  • 3-year warranty on parts with completed warranty registration
  • 18-month warranty on parts without completed warranty registration
  • Warranty is not pro-rated, meaning you can receive a full cabinet replacement even at 11.5 years
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If you could use a little more heat and a little more green, give your local representative a call, call us at 888-519-2347, or request info today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.