Parts & Accessories

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we design and manufacture so much more than innovative waste oil furnaces. We also offer a range of accessories that will help your furnace operate at its best! In addition, both our facility and our nationwide network of local representatives stock replacement parts for all of our products.

CEHS-parts-wifiWi-Fi Thermostat & Smartphone App
Fire up your furnace, check the temperature of your facility, adjust heat settings and more using your smartphone. Our wi-fi enabled thermostat connects to the internet and communicates seamlessly to your smartphone thanks to an easy-to-use mobile app.

CEHS-parts-aircompressorAir Compressor Kit
Our self-contained air compressor kit will work with any of our waste oil furnaces or boilers. It’s an important part that helps your furnace work most efficiently and generate the maximum heat.

CEHS-parts-airlineAir Line Filter & Regulator
Keep moisture and other impurities out of the air line in order to prevent clogging and keep your burner clean. This simple accessory can help increase the life of your furnace and prevent downtime caused by a clogged air line.

CEHS-parts-fluebrushFlue Brush
This high-quality wire brush was designed specifically to work with our innovative vertical flue tubes. The brush is the perfect size, shape and length to effectively clean the flue tubes and ensure the most time between cleanouts.

CEHS-parts-miscpartsWaste Oil Furnace & Boiler Parts
Our facility and our nationwide network of local representatives keep a large inventory of parts on hand. If you need a replacement part for any reason, we can help! We stand behind our products and have the inventory you need to keep your facility heated.

If you’re interested in learning more about waste oil furnace parts and accessories, please call your local representative, call us at 888.519.2347 or contact us online today. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions!