With a Few Added Accessories, Operating Your Waste Oil Furnace Just Became Even Easier

Waste oil heating is a smart way to save money, dispose of used waste oil, and run a more eco-friendly business. Because of our innovative design and quality construction, Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces help businesses reap the benefits of waste oil heating for the long term. And, with accessories and tools to make operating our furnaces simple and accurate, you can rest assured you’ve made an intelligent choice when you start taking control of your heating costs with a Clean Energy furnace.

Accessories that Make Life Easier

Wi-Fi and Smartphone Controls
With the help of our Wi-Fi thermostat and mobile app, you can turn on your furnace, check the temperature in your building, change heat settings, and more – at any time, no matter where you are. Our smartphone app is intuitive and gives you 24/7 control. Talk about an easy way to make sure your waste oil heater is set perfectly!

Air Line Filter and Regulator
Increase the life of your waste oil furnace and prevent downtime with our air line filter and regulator. This important accessory helps keep dirt and moisture out of the air line, so that your furnace won’t get damaged by clogs. It’s the best way to keep your furnace running smoothly when winter cold sets in!

Air Compressor Kit
No matter which of our waste oil furnaces or boilers you choose, our self-contained air compressor kit will help ensure your equipment performs ultra-efficiently as it heats your facility. Every waste oil furnace needs shop air, and so we make it easy by offering a perfect packaged solution when you choose our air compressor kit.

Flue Brush
The flue brush is an accessory designed to precisely clean our furnaces’ vertical flue tubes. It’s the perfect fit to remove debris from the flue tubes effectively, helping to extend the time between furnace clean-outs. Plus, as those of you with cleaning equipment experience know firsthand, it’s a smart move to use the right tool for the job. And this is the perfect tool for cleaning our furnaces!

As you can see, our waste oil furnace accessories make a great thing even better. And if ever you need any replacement parts for your furnace or boiler, we have a large inventory of parts in stock to keep your equipment running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more!