Why Now is a Better Time Than Ever to Switch to Waste Oil Heating

Summertime is a great opportunity to be outside, enjoy fresh air, and partake in any number of outdoor activities. But, as summertime winds down, our attention needs to shift away from air conditioning and refocus on how we are going to keep warm this winter. Now more than ever is an opportune time to consider how you will be heating your shop when the days get shorter and colder.

So why should you pull the trigger and get one of our waste oil furnaces today? Read on to find out how your company can benefit from purchasing a heater today, before it gets too cold.

Our Furnaces Will Save Your Company Money

Any way you cut it, implementing one of our waste oil furnaces is going to deliver a fast ROI for your business. Our furnaces and boilers eliminate your need to buy heating oil, by allowing you to turn the waste oil that you would otherwise pay to dispose of and turn it into heat for your shop. This frees up funds to be reinvested back into your company and be spent where it really counts. Gone are the wasted dollars that went into buying #2 heating oil or other types of fuel. Our furnaces give you the freedom to spend money where you need it and help your company grow.

Don’t Forget How Cold Last Winter Was

It’s easy to forget that harsh cold weather is coming when you’re enjoying football tailgate weather! It’s a smart move for you and your company to make your furnace purchases before the cold weather comes. That way, when 30-degree frosts and frigid winds are blowing through, you won’t be regretting that you didn’t upgrade your heating system. You’ll already be hooked up and ready to go with a furnace that will make sure your shop is nice and cozy instead of realizing your need for heat and just starting the buying process.

Our Furnaces Are Built to Last

At Clean Energy Heating Systems all of our waste oil heaters are made with high-quality stainless steel. This reliable and solid material prevents rust and corrosion and gives our heaters a much longer life cycle compared to traditional heaters. Even the furnace’s critical components, like the combustion chamber and flue tubes, are made with stainless steel. That makes our furnaces extremely high quality and ensure you will be able to generate free heat for many years to come.

Ready to make your first purchase with us or just want to learn more about our products? Contact us today and our dedicated staff can answer any questions you may have about how to begin saving money today with a waste oil furnace.