Which Waste Oil Heater is Best? Find Out!

What should you look for in a waste oil heater? If you’re new to waste oil heating, we realize you may not be familiar with what features mean the difference between a superior product and one that you might regret purchasing in a few years. That’s why we have created the list below that shares a few factors to consider. 

Checklist of Top Features to Look for in a Waste Oil Furnace

1. Stainless Steel Components
Stainless steel parts are a must for long-lasting durability. They resist rust and corrosion and help ensure your furnace stays in top condition long-term. That means if you choose a furnace with a stainless steel combustion chamber and other parts, it should give you many years of performance.

2. AirSwept Heat Exchanger
An air-swept heat exchanger with stainless steel combustion chamber is ideal for producing maximal heat transfer when heating a building. This means you’ll get the most heat, most efficiently from your fuel and furnace. But the ultimate benefit is reliable, even heat to keep your entire facility comfortable. 

3. Vertical Flue Tubes
Vertical flue tubes, made of stainless steel, are an innovative feature that only Clean Energy Heating Systems offers in its waste oil furnaces. They prevent ash from building up, reduce corrosion and extending the necessary intervals between cleanings.

4. Pre-Assembled Pump
Installation of a furnace will go more quickly if there’s less assembly required. If your waste oil heater comes with a pre-assembled, vacuum-tested pump, you will avoid the extra time, hassle and potential risks of human error during the setup process. Make sure the pump is pre-assembled and tested to eliminate problems upon installation.

5. A Design That’s Conducive to Easy Clean Out
Maintenance and cleaning regularly are critical for keeping a waste oil furnace in exceptional working order. A furnace with features such as vertical flue tubes, over-center latches on all doors, hinged clean-out door, tool-free clean out, and others will make servicing and cleaning easy. That, in turn, will better the chances that you keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule. 

6. Ability to Operate Flawlessly in High-Altitude Environments
If your business is located at a high elevation such as 3,500 feet or more above sea level, it’s essential to have a waste oil heater that can perform well at that altitude. Not all furnaces maintain a consistent combustion process under reduced oxygen levels in the air. If not equipped with high-altitude pump options, a furnace may experience overfiring, which can cause permanent damage and shorten the furnace’s lifespan. 

7. Digital, Wi-Fi Control
Also, look for a waste oil furnace that gives you a simple, versatile way to pre-set, monitor and adjust its settings. Digital controls with a mobile app and Wi-Fi access offer convenience from anywhere, anytime. What could be better than the 24/7 peace of mind that comes from knowing you have control over your furnace at all times?  

All of the Best Features in One Furnace
As you research the various waste oil heaters on the market, we believe you’ll find that only Clean Energy Heating Systems allows you to check off all the boxes on your must-have list. Contact us today to learn more about how our waste oil furnaces can optimize your energy savings and your business’s bottom line for years to come.