Which Waste Oil Furnace Brand Should You Choose?

With quality products made by several well-known manufacturers such as Clean Burn, Energylogic, Firelake, Lanair, Reznor and, of course, Clean Energy Heating Systems, selecting the right waste oil furnace can be a difficult decision. That’s why it’s critical to do your homework and talk to knowledgeable representatives to help you determine the best fit for your business.

Learn the features that set apart one model from the next, and which manufacturers offer a level of support that will meet your needs.

Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnace Qualities Worth Comparing

Below are a few of the characteristics our customers love most about our waste oil furnaces. We hope they help you determine which questions to ask and what to look for as you compare what we offer versus our competitors.

Innovative Flue Tube Design

Clean Energy waste oil furnaces have vertical flue tubes that catch ash, and conveniently deposits it directly into a collection pan. They keep ash from building up and undermining the performance of your furnace, and they make cleanout easy. We construct our flue tubes from corrosion-resistant stainless steel – and they’re swedged, not welded. That’s especially beneficial because as the temperature inside your furnace changes, the tubes won’t crack as the metal expands and contracts. The design of our flue tubes also improves heating efficiency by helping to reduce stack temperature.

No-Hassle, Tool-Free Cleaning

While many waste oil furnace manufacturers offer a broad selection of tools to help you clean your furnace, you’ll notice that Clean Energy has very few on our Accessories page. That’s because our heaters require few maintenance accessories – because we design them for tool-free cleanout. Our secret? Over-center latches and a hinged cleanout door. Also, there’s no need to remove the flue stack before cleaning, and that saves time and manual work.

Digital Burner Controls

Every Clean Energy furnace comes standard with digital burner controls to help you achieve optimal energy efficiency, and to avoid human error. Digital control means you can precisely adjust your settings and automate when your furnace fires up or cools down. And with our Wi-Fi thermostat and mobile app, you can check your building’s temperature, monitor settings, and turn your furnace on or off anytime, from anywhere.

Other Reasons Customers Choose Our Furnaces

Additional reasons Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces have been a clear choice for customers include their durability and ease of installation. They’re made with stainless steel components that last, and they come with a vacuum-tested, pre-assembled pump to reduce the time needed during setup.

Also, we make our furnaces right here in the USA and provide a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. The impressive ROI on our heaters has helped customers recover their costs quickly and achieve energy savings to boost their bottom line.

Dig into the Details and Decide

We’re here to answer your questions and share more information to help you select the waste oil furnace that’s right for your business. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make waste oil heating a win for your company.