Which Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnace Is Right for Your Shop? We’ll Find You the Perfect Fit

Have you thought about switching to waste oil heating, but are hesitating because you aren’t sure if there’s a waste oil furnace that will fit your business’s needs? We’re here to tell you there’s a Clean Energy Heating Systems (CEHS) furnace that’s just right for you!

We have furnaces to accommodate facilities small and large, so all businesses that generate used oil – including motor oil, transmission fluid, and other used petroleum products – can reap an impressive ROI (return on investment) while reducing their carbon footprint. We’ve designed all of our furnaces to operate more efficiently and be easier to maintain and service than other waste oil furnaces on the market. Read on for a variety of innovations that set our furnaces apart!

Advantages and Distinguishing Features of Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces Include:

  • Design of the heat exchanger and flue tubes maximizes heat production and minimizes the amount of heat that escapes.
  • A high-velocity air swept heat exchanger optimizes heat distribution.
  • Flue tubes and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel to provide durability and prevent rust, thus ensuring your furnace will last for the long term.
  • Flue tubes are vertical, allowing for ash to fall out into an easy-to-clean pan, rather than building up inside of them.
  • Flue tubes that are swedged, rather than welded, and therefore resist cracking – even after years of heavy-duty use.
  • Easy installation that includes a vacuum-tested metering pump – with no assembly required!
  • Flexibility in where you can mount our equipment:  tank, wall, or ceiling.
  • Our furnaces have a 14,000-volt burner with interrupted duty ignition.
  • Chimney outlets are located on the left and right side of the furnace.
  • Thanks to over-center latches that provide easy access, you don’t need special tools to clean out our furnaces.
  • Furnace cleanout needed less frequently than others on the market. When well-maintained, your furnace can go as long as 1,000+ hours between cleanings.
  • Super convenient—because there’s no need to disconnect the oil line—to service the oil line connector block.
  • Digital burner controls that enable you to program your furnace’s settings, and enjoy reliable and consistent operation.
  • Multiple levels of support available, from our factory and our national network of dealers and distributors.

Which of Our Waste Oil Furnaces Is Right for You?

Here’s an overview of the various models available, so that you can assess which will be the perfect fit for your business.

  • Up to 4,000 SqFt
    1-4 Garage Bays
    CE-140 Furnace
    140k BTU

  • Up to 5,000 SqFt
    3-6 Garage Bays
    CE-180 Furnace
    175k BTU

  • Up to 7,000 SqFt
    5-8 Garage Bays
    CE-250 Furnace
    245k BTU

  • Up to 9,000 SqFt
    7+ Garage Bays
    325k BTU

All of our furnaces are made in the USA, UL and cUL listed, and come with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a two-year warranty on parts.

For more details and to determine which CEHS furnace will provide the most benefit for your business, contact us today.