When Is a Good Time To Invest in a Waste Oil Heater? Find Out!

Have you been thinking about switching your shop to a waste oil heater but you’re not sure when the best time to make the change would be? While some people think investing in a waste oil heater during the spring or summer isn’t practical, the fact of the matter is any time of year can be the right time to switch over to waste oil heating for your facility.

Investing in a waste oil heater can save you a great deal of money. And by burning used petroleum products that your shop generates, a waste oil furnace drastically reduces – or can completely eliminate – your heating oil costs. Truly, the benefits of cutting costs are always in season!

Read on to learn more about a few times of year when it can be beneficial to invest in a waste oil heater!

When you’re coming out of the cold winter season and temperatures start to heat up, spring can be an ideal time to switch to waste oil heat. Heavy winter use can wear out heating components and spring can be a wonderful time to think ahead and start exploring how you can take advantage of a cost-saving waste oil heater. You could also find a deal! That’s because some waste oil furnace dealers offer special discounts and financing deals after the winter season.

When the heat of summer is on, heating your facility may be the farthest thing from your mind. But winter is getting closer, and so are winter heating bills. By buying a waste oil heater now, you’ll be prepared to save money as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Summertime also can be a good time to work on waste oil heating projects. You might want to consider changing the location of your furnace or getting an area of your shop ready to install a chimney stack or oil tank. Installing a heating unit is definitely a less urgent priority when temperatures are warm! So take your time to plan your install, get your financing in order, and complete the project at your own pace.

Mother Nature isn’t always predictable. Fall can bring some downright frigid weather. You can start saving on your heating costs from the get-go if you install a waste oil heater in the fall. Perhaps you have an older furnace that’s been heavily used in previous seasons? Fall can be an ideal time to upgrade your waste oil furnace before winter temperatures arrive and you need heat on a daily basis. Also, consider the benefit of upgrading your unit before its needed day in and day out. The cool nights and warm days that are common during the fall season can be the perfect time to test your furnace and make a change before winter sets in.

If you haven’t already invested in a waste oil heater when winter hits, then it’s as good a time as any! When temperatures plummet, heaters kick on, and costs go up. That means a waste oil heater can give you an immediate financial benefit during this time of year. In addition, a new unit that’s still under manufacturers’ warranty will prevent you from dealing with costly repairs or replacement when compared with your existing mode. In short, Winter can be a great time to make the switch!

Any Time of Year
As you can see, if your company generates used motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, or brake fluid, any time of year makes good business sense to explore the benefits of installing or replacing a waste oil heater.

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we make easy-to-install, simple-to-maintain waste oil heaters for facilities of all sizes. Besides turning your used oil into free heat, they also eliminate the concerns, hassles, and expense of finding a way to dispose of your used petroleum products properly.

No matter what the season, contact us today for a free assessment of how waste oil heating might help your business’s bottom line. We look forward to hearing from you!