What’s the Biggest Waste Oil Furnace?

Clean Energy makes waste oil furnaces for all sizes of facilities, from small garages to large service centers and everything in between. But for those who want the largest available waste oil furnace to easily and efficiently heat extremely large spaces such as warehouses and commercial garages, the Clean Energy CE440 is the largest, most powerful waste furnace that we manufacture.

Other manufacturers may make furnaces that are similar in size, or even slightly bigger, but the CE440 cranks out just as much heat and offers a variety of features that prolong the furnace lifespan while helping it heat large spaces more efficiently. Read on to learn more about how the CE440 is bigger and better!

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain
Even though its large, the CE440 is designed for easy and flexible installation into tight spaces with limited ceiling heights and access points. The furnace is tank, wall or ceiling mountable so it can fit wherever you need it to in your shop. Plus, its designed for longer cleaning and maintenance intervals. The easy access oil line connector block allows servicing without having to disconnect the oil line, and over center latches on doors makes for easier clean out without the need for tools to get into the unit. Easy peasy!

Long-Lasting Durability
Our patent-pending, stainless-steel heat exchanger and innovative vertical flue tubes ensure long-lasting durability and highly efficient operation for years to come. Stainless steel construction means that the heat exchanger and vertical flue tubes resist deterioration and prevent rust, increasing the life of your furnace far beyond the competition. Even better, the CE440 features flue tubes that are swedged instead of welded. This means they resist cracking, even with heavy usage and tens of thousands of heating cycles.

Maximum Efficiency
Both the heat exchanger and flue tubes in the CE440 are designed to limit heat escape and maximize the amount of heat that is produced for maximum fuel burning efficiency. A digital, programmable burner control provides reliability in all conditions and the thermostatically controlled pre-heater easily passes the UL “cold oil start” tests. That means it will start right up no matter what the temperature! Plus, with up to 420,000 BTUs of heating power, the CE440 is engineered to run solely on used motor oil, transmission fluid and other petroleum products, so you can generate an enormous amount of heat for free.

Start Saving Money On Day One
Think the CE440 might be right for you? If you are ready to learn more about the savings and benefits of using waste oil heat at your facility, contact us today! We are ready to answer your questions and help you find the best waste oil furnace for your operation.