Waste Oil Heating vs. Propane Heating

If, like many other business owners, you’re looking to save money and operate in a more environmentally-conscious way, waste oil heating might be a great choice for your company. Burning your used petroleum waste to generate heat for your facility could do your business a lot of good. Compared to other types of heating, like propane, it offers several distinct advantages. Read on to see a few key benefits of waste oil heating over propane heating.

Conserve Cash

To start with, for every gallon of waste oil you burn you can save $5.05 in propane costs (according to estimated fuel costs in the Mid-Atlantic region in March 2014). That could make a big difference on your business’s bottom line, especially over the decade-plus life cycle of one of our waste oil furnaces. In addition, by burning your used waste oil, you avoid the costs associated with paying to dispose of it in other ways that meet government regulations

Installing and maintaining a waste oil heating system is affordable, too. At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we even offer flexible financing options to accommodate diverse budgets. In some instances, you can even finance the delivery costs.

Safer and Better for the Environment

Because you’re recycling used petroleum products when using waste oil heating you eliminate a great deal of risk to the environment. Your waste oil is disposed of in an eco-friendly way that meets all government regulations. It burns cleanly and safely, creating free heat for your business. So you’re not only doing your part to help the environment, you’re also saving money!

Conversely, propane is extremely flammable and toxic. Dented propane tanks pose a safety risk because the internal pressure could cause them to explode. Also, propane leaks can be fatal, so propane lines must be inspected carefully and often.

More Energy Efficient

Waste oil furnaces offer energy efficiency above and beyond other types of heat. Even better, our waste oil furnaces are easy to clean, making it easy to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Heaters without buildup of ash residue produce more heat using smaller amounts of waste oil. Compared to propane gas, one gallon of waste oil provides nearly 140,000 BTUs of heat – the equivalent of 1.53 gallons of propane!

If you’re considering waste oil heating as a way to save money and do right by the environment, please contact us to learn more. We’ll be happy to share what we know about the advantages and help you determine if using a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace to heat your facility is the best decision for you.