Waste Oil Heating: A Good Choice for Radiant Floor Heat

Most people associate waste oil heating with forced air heating systems. But waste oil is also a good energy choice for facilities using radiant floor heat. If your business uses radiant floor heat now, or if you’re considering using it in the future because your facility is difficult to heat with forced air, you’ll want to read on. Waste oil boilers bring the cost-saving benefits of waste oil technology to hydronic heating systems for garages, service centers, and other large buildings. In fact, waste oil boilers can be used to power radiant floor heating systems in all sorts of applications and industries.

cehs-300x250-2Features and Benefits of Clean Energy Waste Oil Boilers for Radiant Floor Heat

They burn used oil to create free heat.

By using a waste oil boiler, you create free hot water for radiant heat and other purposes. When compared to traditional boilers, Clean Energy waste oil boilers are cleaner, safer, and cut heating costs. Waste oil boilers also ensure you’re disposing of your used petroleum products safely and according to environmental regulations. No need to worry about complex “cradle-to-grave” laws when you’re disposing of your used waste oil with a waste oil heater or boiler.

They’re easy to install and maintain.

We’ve created our waste oil burners with convenience in mind. Both their front and back doors open for straight-through cleaning. We’ve also designed them with large, vertical flue tubes to reduce ash buildup. That means you can go without cleaning them for a longer period of time than other boilers, and they run more efficiently between cleanings. So don’t let fear of maintenance prevent you from considering using a waste oil boiler to power your radiant heating system!

They’re made of stainless steel to stand the test of time.

With components crafted from stainless steel, we’ve made our waste oil boilers more rust-resistant, durable, and long-lasting than the competition. Stainless steel is a very robust material, and thanks to stainless steel components all of our Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heaters, furnaces and boilers will provide free, clean heat for many years to come.

They’re simple to control.

To eliminate manual effort and human error, we’ve designed our waste oil boilers with digital burner controls. No guesswork or continually adjusting settings is involved. When using them for high-mass/high-volume heating, you’ll find our boilers provide a more consistent water temperature and do a better job at retaining heat than other popular boilers.

Are you looking for a more energy efficient, cost-effective way to heat your business? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of and options available in waste oil heating technology.