Waste Oil Furnace Comparison: Energy Logic vs. Clean Energy Heating Systems

Converting to waste oil heating can save your business a great deal of money on its energy costs year after year. With several manufacturers out there, it’s important to get educated about which waste oil furnace will serve your facility best. At Clean Energy, we’re in good company with the other reputable makers of waste oil furnaces. Energy Logic is one of the other manufacturers you might be considering as you explore the benefits of waste oil heating. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast our furnaces with the Energy Logic line.

cehs-300x250-2Energy Logic vs. Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces

When we say “vs,” we mean to share some of the qualities Clean Energy and Energy Logic products have in common. We both manufacture quality waste oil furnaces and boilers that allow you to convert your used petroleum-based fluids into economical and environmentally friendly heat. Here are some ways our products are similar:

Both can cut your heating costs.
Both Energy Logic and Clean Energy waste oil furnaces turn used motor oil and other waste petroleum products into free heat. Saving money on an ongoing basis year-in and year-out can make a positive impact on your business’s financials.

Both can burn different types of fuel.
Waste oil furnaces from both manufacturers can burn the following used fluids: transmission fluid, used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF fluid and #2 heating oil. Even better, both will burn any mixture of these fluids.

Both ensure you dispose of your used oil in a way that complies with EPA regulations.
With either of our products, you get the peace of mind you’ll meet the EPA requirements for safe disposal of your waste oil.

You have various sizes to choose from.
To accommodate facilities large and small, both Energy Logic and Clean Energy make waste oil furnaces of different sizes and with varying capacities. That way, you can choose the size of furnace that will best suit your need.

Their quality and performance is guaranteed.
Energy Logic and Clean Energy Heating Systems provide warranties to cover you in the off-chance your unit isn’t up to standard.

Even though there are many similarities when comparing an EnergyLogic vs. Clean Energy waste oil furnace, a few unique features of our Clean Energy furnaces and boilers include the following.

  • Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces have digital burner controls, so you don’t have to waste time—or risk human error—with manual adjustments.
  • Our waste oil furnaces are made with stainless steel components to make them rust-resistant and durable.
  • We’ve introduced an innovative design that features vertically-oriented flue tubes. This ensures that ash falls tidily into an easy-to-clean collection pan.
  • Clean Energy waste oil furnaces are designed to minimize ash buildup, thanks to the  vertical flue tubes. That means you don’t have to clean them as often as traditionally-designed waste oil furnaces.
  • With reduced ash and residue buildup, a Clean Energy waste oil furnace will run more efficiently between cleanings.

When customers ask us about how our products compare to our competitors’ offerings, we prefer not to make it an “us vs. them” situation. We hold other manufacturers’ quality and care with high regard, so we encourage you to educate yourself about the options available to you. But no matter which way you’re leaning, we believe that a Clean Energy waste oil furnace is a high-quality, solid investment that will help you save money for many years.

For more information about features and benefits of Clean Energy’s waste oil furnaces and boilers, contact us. We’re here to share the details you need to know to make an informed decision about your next waste oil furnace purchase.