Waste Oil Furnace Comparison: Firelake vs. Clean Energy Heating Systems

With its cost-savings potential and environmental benefits from converting petroleum waste products into free heat, waste oil heaters offer significant benefits for many types of businesses.

But how do the various waste oil furnaces on the market compare to one another? Which manufacturer’s waste oil heaters have the features and functions that will best serve the needs of your business?

It’s important to do your research, so you make the right decision. Not all waste oil burners are created equal!

To help you in your efforts, we’ve been sharing the similarities and differences between various brands and our own Clean Energy Heating Systems furnaces.

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Now let’s explore how our equipment stands up to Firelake waste oil furnaces!

What Clean Energy Heating Systems and Firelake waste oil furnaces have in common:

  • Capable of burning various used petroleum products (used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF fluid, #2 heating oil)
  • Swedged flue tubes (as opposed to welded, which have joints prone to cracking)
  • High-altitude settings (helps prevent damage from overfiring)
  • No need to remove the flue stack before cleanout
  • Models available in a variety of sizes

But there are differences between our waste oil heaters, too.

How Clean Energy Heating Systems and Firelake waste oil furnaces are different:

Clean Energy Heating Systems heaters have the following features Firelake’s do not:

  • Stainless steel components, providing superior durability
  • Air swept heat exchanger for maximum efficiency
  • Pre-assembled, vacuum-tested pump
  • Vertical flue tubes (allowing ash to easily fall out into a pan for easy cleaning)
  • Easy cleanout, requiring no tools (because of a hinged cleanout door and over-center latches)
  • Digital burner controls to minimize manual effort and the potential for user error

As you continue your research, we welcome your questions. Contact us to learn more about how our waste oil furnaces can help your business save money by heating your facility more efficiently and cost-effectively.