Video: How To Clean The Pre-Heater Block of Your Waste Oil Furnace

Our waste oil furnaces and boiler were designed with many things in mind, but most importantly with you, the end user. And, based on the comments we receive it’s no surprise that you appreciate the easy to use capabilities of our waste oil heaters.

Another benefit of our innovative design is the simple cleaning process. The vertical flue tubes and easy-access doors make it a no-hassle task. Servicing your furnace is also a breeze. No need to disconnect the flue stack or oil line – saving you time and effort.

To protect your investment and keep your waste oil furnace running at its best, it’s important to clean the pre-heater block every 2,000 hours. This process is also easily manageable and can be done in minutes!

Watch the video below to find out the simple steps involved in cleaning the pre-heater block of your waste oil furnace and have it back up and running in no time!

Contact us today, if you think of any questions regarding our waste oil furnace or boiler. We’re happy to help and look forward to speaking with you!