Two Ways Waste Oil Heating Is A Big Win For Trucking Companies

Trucking companies with fleets of vehicles have a lot to gain from switching to waste oil heating at their facilities. The maintenance activities they perform to keep their trucks operating at their best — such as changing motor oil and hydraulic fluid, for example — generate used petroleum products. And that waste can be used as free fuel in a waste oil furnace to generate free heat. For large facilities, this can be a big savings!

If you have a trucking company, your business can benefit by installing a waste oil heater. Read on to learn more!

Advantages Of Waste Oil Heating For Trucking Companies

cehs-300x250-2Slashes Energy Costs

Changing to waste oil heating can significantly reduce your business’s utility expenses. Estimated savings vary according to current fuel prices, and can rise and fall as the price of oil changes over time. But based on 2014 fuel costs in the Mid-Atlantic region, you save $5.05 over propane, $4.22 over fuel oil, and $4.82 over electric for every gallon of waste oil burned. Best of all, when its free waste oil, the price of your fuel will never go up!

Offers Peace of Mind

When you use your waste oil to heat your building rather than take it offsite to dispose of it, you eliminate the risks of that used oil getting spilled or leaked into the environment. With waste oil heating, you know you’ll be in compliance with the EPA regulations for the safe disposal of your used petroleum products. Thanks to cradle-to-grave laws, your business can be on the hook if a vendor does not dispose of waste properly.

When using the waste oil you generate at your trucking business to produce free heat for your building, you improve your company’s bottom line. With a quick ROI and the year-after-year savings on your heating costs, you’ll find a waste oil furnace makes a smart business investment.

There’s also great value in knowing that by recycling your used oil, you’ll be in compliance with federal laws and you won’t have to fear facing the costly fines and penalties associated with improper disposal of waste oil.

Want To “Drive” Down Heating Costs At Your Trucking Company?

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