Two Big Advantages Of Waste Oil Heating For Automotive Repair Shops

Because of the nature of the work they do, automotive repair shops make ideal candidates for converting to waste oil heating. Garages and mechanic shops provide services, such as changing motor oil and transmission fluid, that generate used petroleum products. Hobbyist garages and workshops do too.

Instead of storing them and then ultimately paying for disposal, these waste fluids can be taken right out of a vehicle and immediately utilized as fuel to power your furnace.

So if you have an auto and truck repair shop, you stand to benefit in several ways if you install a waste oil furnace! Read on for a few of the advantages waste oil heating offers for these types of businesses.

Advantages Of Waste Oil Heating For Auto Repair Shops

cehs-300x250-21. Cuts Energy Costs
By changing to waste oil heating, you can save a significant amount of money on your heating costs. The used oil you generate becomes free fuel. Estimated savings (based on 2014 fuel costs in the Mid-Atlantic region) for every gallon of waste oil burned is $5.05 over propane, $4.22 over fuel oil, and $4.82 over electric. The savings may fluctuate as the cost of oil rises and falls, but when you’re heating your business with used waste oil the price never changes – its essentially free!

2. Eliminates Liability Concerns of Not Properly Disposing of Waste
With waste oil heating, you don’t have to wonder or worry about whether or not the disposal of your used oil is meeting EPA “cradle to grave” regulations. Your waste oil is converted to free heat on-site and doesn’t run the risk of getting spilled or leaked into the environment by a third-party handler who may—or may not—dispose of your used oil properly.

By using the waste oil you generate in the course of your daily operations to produce free heat, your auto repair shop has a practical way to improve your business’s bottom line.

The fast ROI on purchasing a waste oil furnace makes it a smart investment that will continue to pay off as you save on your heating costs year after year. And don’t forget the value of peace of mind knowing that by recycling your used oil, you’ll be in compliance with federal laws. You’ll rest much easier at night without the fear of facing the costly fines and penalties that come with improper disposal of waste oil.

Ready To Explore The Benefits Of Waste Oil Heating At Your Auto Repair Shop?

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