Three Types Of Businesses That Can Save Money With A Waste Oil Heater

Waste oil heating offers a variety of businesses significant benefits. If your company generates used motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, or brake fluid, you’re well set to save money on your heating costs and eliminate the hassle and headache of disposing your waste oil properly.

Three types of businesses especially well-suited for waste oil heating are commercial farming operations, auto service centers, and trucking companies.

cehs-300x250-2 Waste Oil Heaters For Commercial Farming Operations

These businesses run tractors, combines, bailers, pick-up trucks, four-wheelers, and other equipment and vehicles. Collectively, they can produce a significant amount of waste hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, and other petroleum products that can be used in a waste oil heater to generate free heat.

Waste Oil Heaters For Auto Service Centers

Waste oil heat can be a big win for auto service centers! As they service vehicles, they generate waste motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. All of it can be transformed into free heat for their facilities.

Waste Oil Heaters For Trucking Companies

With fleets of vehicles regularly serviced at their facilities, these businesses generate plenty of waste—brake fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, and hydraulic fluid—that can serve as fuel in waste oil heaters.

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we manufacture best-in-class waste oil heaters for these types of businesses and others. No matter what size business you have, we have models to fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today for a free assessment of how switching to waste oil heating could benefit your business.