Three Reasons Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Upgrade to a Waste Oil Furnace

Heating your business during the cold winter months is critical, regardless of the size of your shop. However, it can be overwhelming when trying to keep your employees comfortable, your customers toasty and your business thriving when temperatures start to dip. If you’ve been reading about the benefits of switching to a waste oil furnace but you haven’t yet made the conversion for your shop, now is the perfect time to switch! 

Keep reading to learn why switching to a waste oil furnace during the winter months can mean big savings for your business, and contact Clean Energy today to learn more about our innovative waste oil furnaces designed to accommodate any shop size!

Save Money!

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line in the coming months, a waste oil furnace is a surefire way to save money on your utility bills. But not only will you save money by generating free heat, but you can also eliminate the cost of hiring an approved third party to legally dispose of your used oil according to EPA regulations. Don’t be pressured to keep your profits from flying out the door because of an inefficient heating system! Since a waste oil furnace turns trash into treasure by converting used oil into free heat, switching to waste oil heating now allows you to reap the cost-saving benefits starting this winter and for years to come.

Stay Warm!

Whether it’s 40 degrees or 4 below, a waste oil heating system ensures that your business or shop has access to efficient, reliable heat regardless of the outdoor temps. At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we engineer each furnace model to provide heat consistently for your business. Whether you run a garage that’s not well-insulated against the elements or your customers continually come in and out of your business, thus allowing Mother Nature to wreak havoc on your existing heating system, our furnaces are designed to keep you, your employees and your patrons warm day in and day out.

Eliminate Your Heating Bill!

Did we mention this already? It’s common sense that you use more heat in the winter months than in the spring. Regardless of the size of your facility, you need to generate heat to keep your employees and patrons warm. Since you’re essentially turning waste oil into free heat, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your heating bill, depending on the amount of used oil your operation produces. After all, you have enough expenses to worry about to keep your business running productively. Thanks to our innovative Clean Energy waste oil heaters, you can now take heat off that list and free up that money to use elsewhere in your operation!

Ready to Learn More?

Temps outside are dropping, and the thermostat inside is rising – without draining your wallet. Whether you have questions or you need assistance selecting the right waste oil furnace for your company, contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money on your heating costs now and for years to come.