Three Benefits You Can Gain from a Waste Oil Heater

Change is never easy. When it comes to making changes that can impact your business, you want to make sure that any change you make will help boost your bottom line. All businesses that create used oil in their day-to-day operations share similar challenges, and among them are tough regulations and constantly rising heating costs can really impact profitability over time.

Changing the source of your facility’s heat might not sound like a big deal, but switching to a waste oil heater can have significant benefits. Read on to see the benefits you can gain from switching to a waste oil heater!

3 Benefits of Switching to a Waste Oil Heater

Cost Savings
One thing that’s for sure is waste oil furnaces can help you save big! But various factors will determine your cost savings. You’ll need to consider how much you currently spend on heating your facility and factor that into your calculations. Also, how much waste oil are you producing on your own? The savings potential for every business is different, but some of our customers have saved beyond their expectations. One car dealership in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is currently saving over $32,000 annually with its waste oil furnace. You also can use our ROI calculator to help you estimate your savings.

Insulate Your Business from Fluctuating Commodity Prices
As the supply and demand for commodities change, the price of heating oil will also change. By purchasing a waste oil heater that generates free heat from oil that you produce, you’re protecting your company from the rising prices that could impact your heating bill. Whether your business uses electric, oil or gas heat, switching to a waste oil furnace takes fluctuating prices out of the equation. And having a waste oil heater that uses your own used oil products is a great way to control costs year after year.

But what if your company doesn’t create its own supply of waste oil? Don’t sweat! You can still reap the benefits of a waste oil heater. There are brokers all over the country that collect and sell used motor oil, so this can be a viable option for businesses interested in purchasing a waste oil heater who don’t have their own supply of used motor oil, transmission fluid or other petroleum products.

Eliminate Cradle-To-Grave Risk
Not only is it unethical and environmentally unsafe to dispose of used oil improperly, but it’s also illegal. Cradle-to-grave laws are in place to enforce safe disposal of waste oil and to protect our environment. These laws state that if your company hires a transporter to haul waste oil from your business, you can be held responsible if that transporter violates the laws and standards for disposing of the used oil – even if you’re unaware that they’re not disposing of it properly.

By recycling your used oil and fluids, you won’t have to worry about how your used oil is being handled and whether it’s being disposed of properly. You’ll also reduce your costs because you won’t have to pay someone to haul away your used oil, and you won’t get fined if your used oil transporter doesn’t dispose of your used oil properly. By converting to a waste oil heater, you will transform your company’s waste oil into free heat for your facility – saving money on your heating costs year over year and protecting your business from this kind of expensive liability.

Ready to Start Saving Money?
As you can see, waste oil heating offers many benefits, most importantly, with a waste oil heater you can start saving money today! Contact us today to learn more about waste oil heating and we’ll help you get started realizing the benefits of burning waste oil to create heat for your business. Our team is standing by to help!