The Clean Energy Heating Systems Difference: Easy Breezy Waste Oil Furnace Cleaning

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we realize that best-in-class performance matters. But, it’s not the only thing that goes into deciding which waste oil furnace is ideal for your business. A waste oil heater should also be easy to clean and maintain.

That’s why we designed our energy-efficient waste oil furnaces with innovative features that minimize the manual effort and time required to keep them running at peak efficiency year in and year out.

4 Features that Make Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces Easy to Maintain

1. Vertical Flue Tubes
All of our waste oil furnaces have our innovative, vertical flue tubes that prevent ash build-up. Ash falls neatly into a cleanout pan for easy removal.

2. Over-center Latches on Furnace Doors
Unlike some other manufacturers’ waste oil furnaces that make opening furnace doors a daunting task, ours have over-center latches that make it simple to access the areas that need cleanout.

3. Easy-Access to Oil Line Connector Block
With our waste oil furnaces, there’s no need to disconnect the oil line to service the oil line connector block. This saves time and eliminates the risk of messes if the line doesn’t get reconnected properly.

4. Built to Require Less-Frequent Cleaning
We think you’ll be pleased to know that with proper operation, Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heaters need cleaning only about every 1,000 hours or longer.

A Waste Oil Heater that Won’t Waste Your Time
A Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace requires minimal work on your part. It delivers an impressive ROI and reduces your heating costs for the long term. You can count on hassle-free cleaning features, along with support available from both our factory and our national network of representatives, to equal an investment that saves you time as well as money. Contact us today to learn more!