How to Save Money With Waste Oil Heating

If your business generates used oil and petroleum products, one of the best ways to control costs and boost your bottom line is to switch to waste oil heating. Now more than ever, it pays to look for ways to reduce costs for the long-term, and a waste oil furnace can help you do just that!

Depending on the amount of used oil your company generates, you might dramatically reduce your heating costs, or even eliminate them by switching your facility to a waste oil heater. In fact, many service centers, car dealerships and other types of businesses that generate used oil products have completely eliminated their heating bills by making the switch.

Intrigued? Read on to learn a few ways waste oil heaters can help your business save!

Turn Used Oil Products Into Free Heat
Companies that generate used petroleum products in the course of their day-to-day operations have a distinct advantage when it comes to minimizing energy expenses – they are perfect candidates for turning their waste oil into free heat.

At Clean Energy, our waste oil heaters can accept used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, crankcase oil, automatic transmission fluid, #2 heating oil and most synthetic oils. With a few simple tools and an inexpensive storage tank, you can collect the oil, store it, and use it to power your heater when the weather turns cold. It’s a simple as that!

Insulate Your Business from Fluctuating Commodity Prices
As the supply and demand for commodities fluctuates, the price of heating oil, electricity and propane can change. By purchasing a waste oil heater that generates free heat from oil that you produce, you’re protecting your company from the rising prices that could impact your heating bill. Whether your business uses electric, oil or gas heat, switching to a waste oil furnace takes fluctuating prices out of the equation. And having a waste oil heater that uses your own used oil products is a great way to control costs year after year. No more worrying about a spike in costs when the weather gets cold, or demand increases.

Eliminate Liability from Cradle to Grave Laws
Not only is it unethical and environmentally unsafe to dispose of used oil improperly, but it’s also illegal. Cradle-to-grave laws are in place to enforce safe disposal of waste oil and to protect our environment. These laws state that if your company hires a transporter to haul waste oil from your business, you can be held responsible if that transporter violates the laws and standards for disposing of the used oil – even if you’re unaware that they’re not disposing of it properly.

By recycling your used oil and fluids, you won’t have to worry about how your used oil is being handled and whether it’s being disposed of properly. You’ll also reduce your costs because you won’t have to pay someone to haul away your used oil, and you won’t get fined if your used oil transporter doesn’t dispose of your used oil properly.

Heating your business with a waste oil furnace puts you in control of your heating costs and any liability with the disposal of that oil. By recycling your used oil as heat for your facility, you control the entire “cradle to grave” lifespan of your waste oil. In fact, our waste oil heaters are EPA-approved for disposing of oil. So you know this is a great way to help the environment and reduce liability for your business.

Ready to Start Saving?
As you can see, waste oil heating offers many benefits. Most importantly, with a waste oil heater you can lower your heating bill starting now! Contact us today to learn more about waste oil heating and we’ll help you understand the benefits of burning waste oil to create heat for your business. Our team is standing by to help!