How to Install Your Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnace

Naturally, after buying one of our waste oil furnaces, you’ll want to get it up and running so you can start saving money on your heating costs as quickly as possible. Fortunately, our installation process is simple and straightforward! It’s one of the many reasons customers rave about Clean Energy Heating Systems.

Before you install your furnace, review your owner’s manual for detailed instructions and important safety information. In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of the steps involved in setting it up.

Steps to Install Your Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnace 

Step 1: Install the Blower 

  1. Install the blower on the back of the furnace with the bubble of the blower sticking in the upright position.
  2. Insert the blower through the angle mounted on the back of the furnace, and use the provided #10 self-tapping screws to secure the blower housing to the mounting angle brackets on the back of the furnace cabinet.
  3. Connect the flexible conduit from the blower motor to the rear electrical junction box.
  4. Follow the diagram on the inside lid of the junction box to see how to connect the wire leads.
  5. Install the blower guards with the remaining #10 self-drilling screws to each side of the blower.

Step 2: Mount the Furnace

You have two options for mounting your waste oil furnace: hang the furnace from the ceiling OR mount the furnace on a stand.

The majority of customers choose to mount their furnaces from the ceiling. To do so:

  1. Insert all-thread rods (minimum 1/2” in diameter) through cabinet knockouts at the top and bottom at all four corners of the furnace.
  2. Secure each rod with a washer and two nuts on the bottom, so that the weight of the furnace is supported.
  3. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper clearances before mounting.
    If you do choose to mount your furnace on a stand, our waste oil heating center is a great way to consolidate a tank and stand into a compact footprint.

Step 3: Install the Chimney

Inside your building, you may use single wall stack material. Double wall “Class A” insulated stack material must be used through any building penetration and for any exterior stack.

  1. Check your owner’s manual for guidance on whether you’ll need 6” or 8” ID stack components.
  2. When fastening single-wall material to the furnace, it’s likely you will need to pre-drill because the breach is a stainless-steel material.

In addition, you’ll want to double check your own local codes to make sure you’re using the right materials.

Step 4: Have a Qualified Electrician Connect Power to the Front Junction Box for the CE140, CE180, or CE 250 and the back Junction Box for the CE 330.

This is extremely important for safe operation of your furnace! It’s never a good idea to take shortcuts, so a qualified electrician will make sure this step is done right.

To see a short demonstration of these steps, check out our video tutorial on how to install a furnace. And if you have any questions or problems, we’re just a phone call away at 888-519-2347. We provide direct support to our customers and are here to offer help if you need it.