Four Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Waste Oil Furnace At The Top Of Its Game

Heating with a waste oil furnace can give your business years and years of reliable cost savings as it enables you to turn used petroleum products into free heat. And as with any piece of equipment, the better you maintain your waste oil furnace, the more efficiently it will work and the longer it will last.

With Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces’ innovative designs and quality manufacturing, you’ll discover maintenance is straightforward and simple.

To keep your waste oil furnace running at peak performance, complete the following maintenance tasks according to the recommended schedule.

  • Clean the oil canister filter and pump head screen – once per year
    This involves releasing oil from the canister and cleaning the filter screen in a parts washer, cleaning the pump head screen in a parts washer, and installing a new pump head gasket.
  • Clean sludge and water from the tank – once per year
    This involves using a tube to drain the used oil supply tank to ensure no unwanted substances are delivered to the furnace.
  • Clean ash from the heat exchanger – every 1,200 hours
    This involves brushing out and vacuuming ash from the combustion chamber, flue tubes, top header, and bottom header.
  • Clean the nozzle adapter heat block – every 2,000 to 3,000 hours
    This involves cleaning the nozzle adapter heat block in a parts washer, using a wire brush to clean the oil ports, and using a compressed air gun to blow out passages.

These are all high-level overviews, so please see our Owner’s Manual for easy to follow step-by-step details and important safety precautions.

If you have any questions about maintaining your waste oil furnace, contact us today. We’re here to provide the guidance you need to ensure your Clean Energy waste oil heater gives you an exceptional return on your investment and saves you money for a long time to come.