Even Small Shops Can Benefit from a Waste Oil Furnace, Thanks to Our Heating Center

The benefits of waste oil heating aren’t only for companies with lots of space to spare. Even shops that need to conserve room can get the cost-savings advantages of having a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace.

How? With our Waste Oil Heating Center.

About the Clean Energy Heating Systems Heating Center
If your shop is small or has limited real estate inside, you can still transform your used oil into free heat for your facility.

With our waste oil heating center, all components fit in a compact space. It features an EPA-approved, powder-coated 250-gallon oil storage tank, and a sturdy steel mount that can hold any of our furnaces.

Our heating center also has:

  • A built-in funnel with a strainer to make filling your tank hassle- and mess-free
  • A large filter drain pan
  • A pump mount bracket
  • Copper tubing and fittings to connect the tank to the furnace
  • 4” tank emergency vent
  • A weather-resistant vent breather

Dimensions are:

  • 65” Wide
  • 98” High
  • 30” Deep

Add-on options include:

  • A low oil cut-off switch
  • Air compressor
  • Air filter/regulator with a drain and pressure gauge

Our heating center allows you to mount all of your furnace components vertically, so you use only a small amount of your building’s available space. And installation is simple because you don’t have to figure out how to run tubing to get your waste oil from your oil tank to your furnace.

There’s Always Room for Saving Money
Talk with us about how a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace can help your company build a healthier bottom line. We design our waste oil heaters to deliver optimal efficiency and cost savings, year after year. With the compact profile of our heating center, you can have all the benefits of a waste oil furnace, and maintain the space you need to operate your business as usual. Contact us today to learn more!