Eight Features to Look for in a Waste Oil Furnace

Congratulations on deciding to switch to waste oil heating! You’re wise to choose an energy option that’s better for the environment and will save you money year after year.

So now you need to select which waste oil furnace is right for you. At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we want you to make an educated choice. As you’re researching the various manufacturers and models of waste oil heaters, consider some of the features to look for that make waste oil furnaces more durable and efficient.

  1. Stainless Steel Components
    Waste oil furnaces that have their critical components made from stainless steel will stand the test of time far better than furnaces made with less rugged metals. Stainless steel parts resist corrosion and rust, and they’re stronger than parts made from mild steel and aluminum.
  2. Air Swept Combustion Chamber
    An essential component in every waste oil furnace, the combustion chamber transfers the heat that a furnace generates into the air so that it can be circulated through your facility. An air swept combustion chamber offers a higher degree of heat transfer than other heat exchangers. The bottom line is that it will heat your building better and require less fuel.
  3. Vertical Flue Tubes
    Cleaning a waste oil heater is a standard maintenance task. With a waste oil furnace that has vertical flue tubes, ash from your heater won’t build up inside to make cleanup a nightmare. Not all manufacturers make their furnaces with vertical flue tubes, so make sure you ask before you buy!
  4. Swedged Flue Tubes
    Most manufacturers weld the flue tubes into the heat exchanger, which can cause issues. Because the flue tubes must change temperature dramatically during the heating process, the joints where the tubes are welded become vulnerable to cracking. Swedged flue tubes, on the other hand, are bonded to the metal but can withstand the expansion and contraction process as the furnace heats up and cools off.
  5. Cleanout Access With No Tools
    Why choose a furnace that makes the task of cleaning it more difficult than it has to be? In addition to vertical flue tubes, also look for a furnace with over-center latches, a hinged clean-out door, and an oil line that you won’t need to disconnect before cleanout.
  6. Not Necessary to Remove Stove Pipe to Clean
    You’ll save time and hassle by choosing a furnace that doesn’t require removal of the stove pipe to clean it. Furnaces that need the stove pipe removed will saddle you with using specialized tools and cause a lot of frustration. Plus they take longer to clean!
  7. High-Altitude Settings
    If you intend to install your waste oil furnace at more than 3,500 feet above sea level, ask the manufacturer if it will operate properly at that elevation. Unless a furnace is designed to accommodate high altitudes, the lower oxygen levels will make it difficult for the heater to maintain a consistent combustion process. The result could be over-firing that will damage your furnace and decrease its lifespan.
  8. Pre-assembled, Vacuum-tested Pump
    All waste oil furnaces require a pump to connect the oil tank and furnace, and many manufacturers send the pump in separate pieces that require assembly. To avoid user error in assembling the pump and eliminate the risk of leaks in suction, look for a waste oil furnace that will arrive with the pump already put together and tested.

How Do Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Stack Up?
Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces have the combustion chamber, flue tubes, and other parts made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured they will last. They also provide maximal heat efficiency because they have an air swept combustion chamber. We’ve designed our waste oil furnaces to make cleaning a breeze, too. With vertical flue tubes, ash falls conveniently into a pan for easy removal.

In addition, our furnaces’ flue tubes are swedged, not welded, in place, so they resist deteriorating under extreme temperature fluctuations. We’ve also engineered our furnaces for tool-free cleaning to save you valuable time and eliminate frustration when cleaning them.

Another great feature of Clean Energy waste oil furnaces is that they have high-altitude settings to accommodate elevations that pose a challenge to some other manufacturers’ furnaces. And finally, you’ll enjoy not needing to worry about pump assembly because all of our waste oil furnaces come with a pre-assembled, vacuum tested pump.

Make an Informed Comparison!
As you’re comparing waste oil heaters, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. The Clean Energy team is here to make sure you have the knowledge and support you need as you make this crucial decision. Contact us today to learn more!