Did You Overspend on Heating Costs this Winter? Waste Oil Heating Is Your Solution.

We don’t have to tell you that the cost to heat your shop is a huge portion of the sum of your total business expenses. So, why spend more than you need to stay warm in winter?

If your company uses or services machines and equipment that generate used petroleum products such as transmission fluid, crankcase oil, hydraulic oil, #2 heating oil, diesel fuel, or other synthetic oils, converting to waste oil heating can save your winter —and your dollars!

How Can a Waste Oil Furnace Cut Your Heating Costs?
A Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace allows you to convert the used oil you would otherwise need to discard into free heat for your facility. Essentially, you turn trash into a treasure with waste oil heating. By using your waste oil as fuel, you can significantly decrease (or even eliminate) your reliance on other natural resources. In addition to the savings you get from generating free heat, you also get rid of the costs of hiring a third party to dispose of your used oil according to EPA regulations.

What Should You Know about Clean Energy Heating Systems’ Waste Oil Furnaces?
At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we make waste oil furnaces in four different sizes to accommodate businesses small and large. All are made in the USA and are constructed of durable, stainless steel components. Our innovative furnace design ensures efficient heat distribution and makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. In fact, if you maintain your Clean Energy Heating Systems furnace properly, you can expect it to go more than 1,000 hours between cleanings!

If you’re worried about having the space for a waste oil heater, don’t be! You can mount our furnaces from the wall, ceiling, or tank (using our Waste Oil Heating Center). Also, you can have the chimney on either the left or right side of the furnace. We make installation and startup easy so that you can start saving as quickly as possible.

How Much Can You Save with a Waste Oil Furnace?
Use our online ROI calculator to do the math and estimate your potential savings now. If you’ve been feeling the pinch of high heating costs all winter long, you owe it to yourself to check out how a waste oil furnace may be the solution. Contact us to learn more about how our waste oil furnaces can make high heating bills a thing of the past.