A Deeper Dive Into Our Waste Oil Furnace Features

At Clean Energy, we’re known for making waste oil furnaces that are built to last. In fact, our furnaces feature innovative technology that sets them apart from the competition. Let’s take a deeper dive and look at some of the important features that make our furnaces unique.

Work In Any Environment

Our furnaces are designed to stand up to the elements. We maximize our furnace’s oil flow to ensure they are working at full capacity regardless of the surrounding temperature. In fact, our furnaces have precisely and thermostatically controlled oil pre-heaters. With these devices in place, our systems easily pass Underwriters Laboratories’ “Reduced Voltage – Cold Oil” test. This is an important feature when you’re  planning on installing your furnace in cold northern climates!

Most Efficient Voltage

Our waste oil furnaces aren’t just environmentally friendly because they convert your waste oil into heat; they also help conserve energy. That’s because our furnaces are equipped with an efficient 14,000-volt ignition transformer that uses an interrupted ignition. Interrupted ignition means that the igniter comes on when there is a call for heat and automatically goes off when the flame is established. This increases the life of both the igniter and electrodes, leaving your machine operating on less electricity while producing more free heat for your facility.

Wide Variety of Fuel Types

Another advantage of our waste oil furnaces are their ability to run on many different types of used oil products. This means your Clean Energy furnace is versatile enough to take on most of the waste fuels that might be at your disposal. Our oil pre-heater allows our systems to burn almost any fuel you have, even synthetic oils. So whether you generate used synthetic oil, hydraulic fluid, or just about any type of oil product, our furnaces can turn that waste into clean, safe, free heat.

Unmatched Support

Our team is readily available to help you out if there is an issue with one of our products. In addition, our extensive distributor network, stretching from coast to coast, is available for any help you need with service, installation, and more. We also offer factory direct support that will help resolve any problem as fast as possible.

Our waste oil heaters can stand up to any challenge and deliver results unlike any other product in the industry. So, when you’re considering how you will heat your business this upcoming season, remember that Clean Energy waste oil heaters can withstand the elements, use energy efficiently, process your synthetic fuels, and more importantly are there to ensure your furnace is running the way it should.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can save with a Clean Energy furnace. We look forward to hearing from you!