Convection Heating & Radiant Heating with Waste Oil. What’s The Difference?

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we make waste oil heaters that support both convection and radiant methods of heating. Our waste oil furnaces make the most of convection heating, while our waste oil boilers can be used to power radiant heating systems.

So what’s the difference between convection and radiant heating? Here’s a brief explanation to give you an understanding of the basics:

Convection Heating

Convection is a process that involves displacing cool, dense air molecules with air molecules that have been warmed by a heat source. The molecules that make direct contact with the heat source warm up and expand. They then move up and away, displacing cooler, heavier molecules above them. Those cooler molecules then drop down and come into contact with the heat source, and the cycle continues, warming and rotating more air molecules.

The flow of air molecules as they circle through the cycle is what’s called a convection current. And it’s what our Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces harness to provide reliable, consistent heat in buildings. By burning used petroleum products, the furnaces heat the air around them and then blow the warm air out to displace colder, denser air.

To gain optimal efficiency, consider using a ceiling fan to circulate warm air, which naturally rises, back into the room. That will help distribute heat more evenly—and save on energy costs because you won’t lose any heat at the ceiling.

Radiant Heating

Radiant systems channel heat directly to the floor or to panels in walls or ceilings. Radiant heat travels in electromagnetic waves that move in a straight line to be absorbed by objects in a room, such as your skin, clothes, and furniture. Because it is direct, this method of heating warms you up quickly.

Clean Energy waste oil boilers work exceptionally well with hydronic radiant heating systems. By using your unwanted used petroleum products as fuel, they heat the water that is pumped through tubes, warming the floor, and ultimately warming you and your facility.

Either Way, Waste Oil Heating Makes Good Business Sense

Whether convection or radiant methods are applied, waste oil heating is a win. Clean Energy Heating Systems furnaces and boilers enable you to turn your used oil into free heat for your business. If you want to boost your business’s bottom line in 2017, contact us to learn more about the attractive ROI and long-term savings on energy costs you can achieve with a waste oil heater.