Choosing a Waste Oil Boiler Can Reduce Heating Costs to $0. Here’s How.

Finding ways to maximize profitability is more important than ever for companies that want to sustain or improve upon their success. There are many ways to boost profitability, and among them is reducing energy costs.

On our blog we often write about our waste oil furnaces, but a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil boiler offers another opportunity for businesses to save money on their heating bills. Some companies can even eliminate their costs altogether.

Companies that generate used petroleum products in the course of their day-to-day operations have a distinct advantage when it comes to minimizing energy expenses –  they are perfect candidates for converting to waste oil heating.

Three Ways a Clean Energy Waste Oil Boiler Can Decrease Heating Costs

A waste oil boiler is a forced hot water system that warms the water and then passes it through pipes to heat a building consistently and evenly. The ways Clean Energy Heating Systems boilers cut heating costs are:

  1. They Transform Used Oil into Free Heat for Your Facility
    Our waste oil boilers utilize used petroleum products—such as hydraulic fluid, crankcase oil, and automatic transmission fluid—as well as #2 heating oil and most synthetic oil to generate the heat. They convert that waste into something useful, and reduce or eliminate your reliance on buying fuel, or paying for electricity, to keep your building warm and comfortable.
  2. They Eliminate the Need to Pay for Waste Oil Removal
    With a waste oil boiler, you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable party to dispose of your waste oil properly. Rather than pay to have your used petroleum waste removed from your facility, instead you turn it into an asset.
  3. They Protect Against Fines and Penalties from Potential EPA Violations
    “Cradle to Grave” legislation makes YOU responsible for disposing of your waste oil in a way that meets all laws and EPA regulations. That means that if the party you use to remove your waste oil doesn’t comply with the rules, you could face penalties—even if you didn’t directly cause harm. But, having a waste oil boiler puts you in control. By recycling your used oil as heat for your facility, you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where that used oil is, from start to finish. In short, a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil boiler gives you a compliant way to get rid of your used petroleum products.

Ready to Reduce Your Business’s Heating Costs to Next to Nothing?

What’s not to love about a near $0 heating bill? And, a waste oil boiler cannot only reduce your energy costs, but it can also save you from hassles, worries, and potential legal risks.

Let’s talk about how our waste oil boiler can benefit your business. We’ve carefully engineered it to be high-performance, and easy to install and maintain. And, we offer flexible financing to make it ultra-affordable and ideal for any budget. To learn more, contact us today!