Can a Waste Oil Heater Really Eliminate Your Business’ Heating Costs? Let’s Find Out!

Now more than ever, finding ways to maximize profitability is critical to a company’s success. Reducing the impact that hard costs have on your business is one way you can control expenses and boost profitability — and a waste oil heater can help.

A Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace offers a big opportunity for businesses to potentially eliminate their heating bills. Companies that generate used petroleum products in the course of their day-to-day operations have a distinct advantage when it comes to minimizing energy expenses – and they are perfect candidates for turning their waste oil into free heat.

Here are a few ways that you can eliminate your heating costs this fall and winter and reduce your expenses.

Three Ways a Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnace Can Potentially Eliminate Your Heating Costs.

  1. Our Waste Oil Furnaces Will Transform Used Oil into Free Heat for Your Facility
    Our waste oil heaters utilize used petroleum products, like hydraulic fluid, crankcase oil, automatic transmission fluid, #2 heating oil, and most synthetic oils. They then convert that waste oil into an abundance of heat, thereby reducing or eliminating your reliance on outside heating fuel.
  2. They’ll Eliminate the Need to Pay to Dispose of Your Waste Oil
    When you use a waste oil heater to heat your shop, you can eliminate not only the cost of purchasing alternative heating oil but also the cost of having a third-party company remove your waste oil.
  3. They’ll Also Protect You Against Potential EPA Violations
    “Cradle to Grave” legislation puts the responsibility on the business to properly dispose of its waste oil in a way that meets all laws and EPA regulations. So, if the company you hire to remove your waste oil fails to comply with the rules, you could face significant fines.

Alternatively, heating your business with a waste oil furnace puts you in control of your heating costs and any liability with the disposal of that oil. By recycling your used oil as heat for your facility, you control the entire ‘cradle to grave’ lifespan of your waste oil.

Get Ready to Save Money and Essentially Heat Your Shop for Free.

A waste oil heater from Clean Energy really can eliminate your heating bill. And, not only can reduce energy costs, but it can also save you from the time, worry, and liability of dealing with waste oil disposal, too.

To learn more about our entire line of Clean Energy waste oil furnaces and how we can help you save money, contact us today.