Buy A Waste Oil Heater & Stop Disposing of Free Heat That Could Be Yours!

Do you use a large amount of fuel, motor, hydraulic oil, or transmission fluid? Are you tired of paying waste disposal companies to haul it away? You could be saving money by investing in a large waste oil heater to help provide free heat for your business. Yes, free heat!

Waste oil is synthetic or petroleum oil that can’t be used anymore because it contains impurities and can no longer serve its purpose. So, if you own a large farm, garage, warehouse, greenhouse, or another large type of business that requires the use of oil you could be using it to heat your facility for no cost.

Take for example our CE-440 waste oil furnace. With up to 420,000 BTUs of heating power and Clean Energy’s patent-pending design advances, it turns all your waste oil into heat for you and your employees during the cold months. How, exactly? Well, let us break it down for you.

How Does Waste Oil Get Converted to Heat?

  • The heater takes your waste oil and pulls it through a filter.
  • The filter then gets pumped into the burner.
  • The oil gets pre-heated by the burner to the temperature you set.
  • The oil is converted atomized (turned into tiny particles) and a fine mist is delivered into the blast tube.
  • The oil, mixed with air is ignited by a high voltage starter and the heat exchanger receives the hot air.
  • Warmth is transferred to cool air/water that passes through an exchange and heat is expelled into the room.
  • Leftover gas is vented through a chimney.

When you invest in a waste oil heater with us you get all the benefits of our patent-pending stainless steel heat exchanger and vertical flue tubes that lengthen the life of your waste oil heater for years!

Ready to Save?
If we have you convince and you’re ready to start saving today, contact us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you decide what model is perfect for your business – large or small.