Accessories to Keep Your Waste Oil Furnace Working Flawlessly

With the right accessories, you can help ensure that your waste oil furnace or boiler will perform at its best year after year after year. Besides designing and manufacturing best-in-class waste oil heaters, Clean Energy Heating Systems also has the parts and accessories you need to maintain them.

Talk with us about the following accessories for your waste oil heater:

  • Flue Tube Brush
    We carefully developed this wire brush to effectively clean our furnaces’ innovative vertical flue tubes. Its size and shape fit the flue tubes perfectly to ensure you get the best results. By properly cleaning your flue tubes with this brush, you can maximize the amount of time between cleanings. That means more time to do other things!
  • Wi-Fi Thermostat
    With our Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you can monitor the temperature within your building. This thermostat connects to the Internet and can be accessed via a user-friendly app on your smartphone. Even when you’re on the go, you can adjust your heat and other settings from anywhere, anytime.
  • Filter and Regulator
    These are absolute essentials for giving your waste oil furnace a long life. The filter and regulator help prevent moisture and impurities from entering your furnace’s air line, eliminate clogging, and help keep your burner clean.
  • Air Compressor Kit
    The air compressor helps your waste oil heater work efficiently so it generates as much heat as possible. To keep it in optimal condition, you’ll want our self-contained air compressor kit on hand.

The Waste Oil Furnace and Boiler Parts You Need, When You Need Them
With an extensive inventory of parts and accessories at our factory, and available via our dealers and distributors throughout the United States, you can get the replacement parts you need quickly and conveniently.

Contact us with your questions about any of our waste oil heaters and equipment. We’re here to make sure your waste oil furnace or boiler lasts a long, long time, to lower your heating costs and maximize your savings.