A Closer Glance at Features to Look for in a Waste Oil Furnace: Air Swept Combustion Chamber

In our last post, we shared about the advantages of having a waste oil furnace that has stainless steel heating components. In this article, we’re going to focus on another feature that sets Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces apart from our competition: an air swept combustion chamber.

Why an Air Swept Combustion Chamber?

Every waste oil heater depends on its combustion chamber to move the heat generated by the furnace into the air, so that it circulates through the building. An air swept combustion chamber transfers heat more efficiently than other heat exchangers, so it heats more effectively and requires less fuel.

Key benefits of an air swept combustion chamber include:

  • Maximizes heat transfer to the surrounding air; and
  • Heats facilities quickly.

In addition to these benefits, Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace’s air swept combustion chamber is made of stainless steel to offer durability for the long term. Problems inherent in other furnace designs – such as rust and corrosion – just don’t apply with a long-lasting stainless steel combustion chamber.

Other Features to Fire Up Your Interest in Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters

Our waste oil furnaces offer many other must-have features, as well. Other things that make them ideal include:

  • Vertical flue tubes for maximum heat transfer and easy cleaning.
  • Swedged flue tubes that resist cracking and last longer.
  • Tool-free cleanout access and no need to remove the stove pipe before cleaning.
  • High-altitude settings to minimize over firing.
  • Pre-assembled vacuum tested pump that works right out of the box.

We build our waste oil furnaces to be strong, durable, and ultra-easy to maintain and service.

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