7 Features that Set Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnaces Apart

To get the most from the energy efficiency of a waste oil heating, you need to have a waste oil furnace that has the features and functionality to not only transform your used petroleum products into free heat, but also make operation and maintenance hassle-free.

That’s why we’ve engineered our waste oil heaters with an innovative design that maximizes performance, while requiring comparatively minimal work to keep them running at their best.

Here’s What Makes Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces a Step Above the Competition

  1. Over-Center Latches and Easy-Access Cleanout Door:
    Make it ultra-convenient to clean and service your equipment.
  2. Squirrel Cage Blower:
    Ensures quiet operation so that your furnace won’t disrupt your workplace productivity.
  3. Vertical Flue Tubes:
    Minimize ash buildup by allowing ash to fall neatly into a clean-out pan for convenient removal.
  4. High Velocity, Air Swept Heat Exchanger:
    Maximizes even heat distribution throughout your facility.
  5. High-Quality Stainless Steel Components:
    Provide maximum durability and rust-resistance so that your heater lasts for the long haul.
  6. Adjustable Louvers:
    Position to the left, right, or bottom of the unit to suit your building’s needs. You’ll love the versatility!
  7. Digital Burner Control:
    Allows you to adjust your furnace’s settings via a mobile app. You can precisely manage your heater’s controls from anywhere and anytime, eliminating the risk of user error such as forgetting to adjust the temperature before the weekend.

All of our waste oil furnaces come with a 10-year warranty, and are UL and cUL Listed—and they’re made right here in the USA! Best of all, flexible financing plans are available to help meet your budgetary needs. We know you’ll be amazed at their favorable return on investment (ROI).

Contact us to learn more about how to save your business money on your heating bills for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you!