5 Advantages of Waste Oil Heating for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships are especially well-suited for converting to waste oil heaters because they generate waste oil daily through maintenance activities, such as changing motor oil and transmission fluid. Waste oil heating can save them a lot of money and offer other benefits, as well.

Read on for a number of advantages waste oil furnaces provide for car dealerships!

  1. They turn used oil into free heat for your facility.
    Our furnaces repurpose your used oil into free heat. Even if you don’t generate enough waste oil to cover all of your needs, you can buy used oil from a broker or supplement your fuel supply with #2 heating oil. One of our auto dealership customers reported saving $32,000 annually on its heating bill!
  2. They do right by the environment.
    By generating heat with waste oil, you’re recycling fuel rather than depleting the earth’s resources. And building a reputation as an eco-conscious company can help set your business apart from your competitors.
  3. They eliminate the costs—and risks—of transporting used oil from your property.
    Waste oil heating enables you to dispose of your used oil on-site in an EPA-compliant way. That means you avoid the costs of having an authorized transporter remove your waste oil from your property. And you don’t have to sweat over the risks of accidents or carelessness as used oil is transported from your site. Strict cradle- to- grave laws hold you responsible, even if you do not haul the oil yourself.
  4. They conserve floor space.
    By using our Waste Oil Heating Center, you can mount your furnace, EPA-approved oil storage tank, and other components vertically in a small footprint. Its durable steel frame mount fits well where space is limited. That means you don’t have to compromise precious floor space to get the cost-saving benefits of waste oil heating, and you can avoid the expense and complication of ceiling-mount installations.
  5. They enable you to enjoy an impressive ROI.
    The return on investment (ROI) is noteworthy. Some of our customers have reported that their furnaces paid for themselves through reduced heating costs in just one year! Use our online Waste Oil Heating ROI Calculator to get an idea of the savings your auto dealership might expect. Also, ask about the flexible financing options available to reduce the initial upfront cost of purchasing your furnace.

Ready To Drive Forward Your Auto Dealership’s Profitability?
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