4 Ways Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Help You Comply with EPA Regulations

Businesses—such as trucking companies, auto dealerships, boat marinas, service stations, car washes, and others that either service vehicles or have fleets of vehicles—are considered used oil “generators” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

If your business produces and handles used oil, it must follow the EPA’s “management standards” for ensuring that:

  • Used oil is stored and handled safely
  • Recycling is maximized
  • Disposal is minimized

Read on for four ways our waste oil furnaces can help you meet the EPA’s requirements for handling your business’s used oil.

  1. Recycles your used oil on-site.
    A waste oil furnace gives your used oil a new purpose— it is recycled and used to generate free heat for your business. According to the EPA, “One gallon of used oil processed for fuel contains about 140,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy.” Waste oil heating is more cost effective than propane, fuel oil, natural gas, and electric.
  2. Removes the risks of hauling used oil to a disposal site.
    Because your waste oil furnace transforms your used oil into free heat for your business on-site, you dispose of it properly ,- by recycling it, directly on your property. This eliminates the risks of accidents and carelessness when removing and transporting used petroleum waste. Even if you hire a company to transport used oil from your site to dispose of it, you are liable for any mishaps that occur and negligence in complying with the EPA’s rules. These strict regulations are known as “cradle to grave” laws, and carry significant penalties.
  3. Eliminates the cost of contracting an authorized transporter.
    Only transporters with a valid EPA ID number are legally allowed to take used oil from your site. So businesses that can’t recycle their used oil need to either hire an authorized transporter or become licensed themselves. Either way, it creates an additional expense that could hurt your bottom line. Note that there is an exception if the used oil shipment is less than 55 gallons, but the handler may still need a state or local permit to transport it. But why worry about these complex regulations? With a waste oil furnace, you won’t have to.
  4. Provides an EPA-approved storage tank for used oil.
    The EPA requires that oil storage tanks are labeled as “used oil” and that they are in sound condition, with no signs of rust, leaks, or deterioration. Our Waste Oil Heating Center includes an oil storage tank that meets EPA requirements to safely store your used oil until you burn it in your waste oil furnace.

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