4 Reasons to Buy a Waste Oil Furnace Now

We understand… it’s still summer, and one of the last things on your mind is how you’ll heat your facility this winter. But the sun and balmy temperatures will soon end, which means it’s a great time to start thinking about how to keep your shop warm. If you’re planning to heat your building as cost-effectively as possible, now is the perfect time to think about getting a waste oil furnace.

So, Why Buy Now?

1. It will ensure you save as much as possible on your heating costs this year.
By buying now, you will have your furnace up and running as soon as Mother Nature brings on the cold. The sooner you fire up your waste oil heater in the winter, the more you’ll save.

2. It will give you plenty of time to work through the installation logistics.
Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces are easy to install, but there are some things you need to address beforehand. For example, you must decide where you will locate the furnace, tank, and chimney.

3. It will allow you to assess how much used oil your business produces on its own and figure out how much, if any, supplemental oil you’ll need.
Planning ahead will give you time to save your own used oil and secure a secondary source if needed.  Fortunately, there are used oil brokers who can provide waste oil at competitive costs–or you can arrange to buy regular #2 heating oil for your furnace. Either way, thinking about this now will make sure you have all your ducks in a row for winter.

4. It will allow you to take advantage of the stellar payment plans available now.
Clean Energy Heating Systems partners with leading financial institutions to make buying our waste oil furnaces affordable for companies of all sizes, and at all stages of their business journey. Talk with us today about the available plans that offer flexible terms and low monthly installments.

Sometimes, Good Things Come to Those Who Do NOT Wait
That is absolutely the case for businesses that have warmed up to the idea of saving money with a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace. Contact us today to learn more!