Which Waste Oil Furnace Should You Choose? Clean Energy, EnergyLogic, or Firelake?

While the potential cost savings might make the decision to convert to waste oil heating an easy one, choosing the waste oil furnace that’s right for your business might seem challenging. There are some very well-respected and reputable brands out there, so selecting one requires doing your homework.

Which one will offer the features you want and need? Which one performs the best? Which one will last for the long-term to deliver you an optimal return on your investment (ROI)?

To help you as you compare your options, here’s a summary of how our Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces stand up to those made by two other well-known manufacturers, EnergyLogic and Firelake.

Clean Energy Heating Systems, EnergyLogic, and Firelake: What Do They Have in Common?

  • Provide free heat for your company by using your waste petroleum products.
  • Burn a variety of waste products (#2 heating oil, used motor oil, used hydraulic fluid, used transmission fluid).
  • Come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your building’s needs.

Clean Energy Heating Systems and EnergyLogic: What Do They Have in Common?

  • Tough and durable stainless steel parts.
  • Air swept heat exchanger for even distribution of heat.
  • Pre-assembled pump that’s already vacuum-tested so furnaces can be installed in less time.

Clean Energy Heating Systems and Firelake: What Do They Have in Common?

  • Swedged flue tubes that resist cracking and deterioration.
  • High-altitude settings to prevent over-firing at lofty elevations.
  • No need to remove the flue stack when cleaning it.

What Makes Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnaces Different?

  • Stainless steel vertical flue tubes that prevent ash buildup and extend intervals between furnace cleanout.
  • Over-center latches and a hinged cleanout door to make cleanout easy—without tools!
  • Digital burner controls so you can manage furnace settings via an app on your smartphone.

Ready. Set. Start Saving with a Waste Oil Heater!

The sooner you get all the facts and choose a waste oil furnace, the faster you’ll start saving money on your heating costs. As you’re comparing brands, feel free to contact us to find out more about Clean Energy Heating Systems furnaces. We’re here to help you understand your options, so you can make an informed decision and reap the benefits on your business’s bottom line for many years ahead.