Waste Not Want Not with a Waste Oil Furnace

Are you wasting your waste oil? The answer is “yes” if your business generates used oil but doesn’t repurpose it into free heat with a waste oil furnace. And, that also means you’re wasting money.

Three Ways Waste Oil Heating Can Save Your Business Money

  1. With a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace, you can turn your used oil into free heat for your building. Your used crankcase oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, most synthetic oils, and combinations of these become renewable resources that go from “trash” to “treasure.”
  2. You will reduce (or even eliminate) your heating fuel costs. Also, you’ll no longer have to pay someone to transport your waste oil from your property and dispose of it. Our waste oil furnaces offer an EPA-compliant way to get rid of your used oil safely.
  3. Having a safe, on-site way to dispose of your waste oil also reduces your liability risks associated with handling used oil. Even if you use a third-party to manage those tasks, your business could be on the hook legally if that entity doesn’t do the job according to EPA regulations and other applicable laws.

Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces have an innovative design that gives them superior efficiency and durability. With stainless steel components—such as vertical flue tubes to eliminate ash-buildup and a high-velocity, air-swept heat exchanger—they’re built to outlast and outperform other waste oil heaters on the market.

Switch Now to Save More
There’s a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace that will fit your business’s needs perfectly. We make them for shops of all sizes! By investing now, you can make an already impressive ROI even better throughout the coming year. And, you’ll be all set to maximize your savings whenever cold weather kicks into gear. Contact us today to learn more!