Turn Up Your Business’ Bottom Line with Our CE-180 Waste Oil Furnace

Cutting expenses to boost profitability can be a challenge. Fortunately with Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heaters, you can reduce costs without cutting back on staff or other valuable business resources. Take our CE-180 waste oil furnace, for example. It’s a perfect way to heat mid-sized spaces up to 5,000 square feet, such as garages with three to six bays.

Six Benefits of the CE-180 Waste Oil Furnace

1. Cuts your business’ heating costs big time.
The Clean Energy Heating Systems CE-180 furnace allows you to take the used oil you generate during the course of doing business and turn it into FREE heat for your facility. Because you’ll have to buy less heating fuel—maybe none, depending on how much used oil you generate—you can decrease your heating expenses substantially. The CE-180 waste oil furnace can burn used crankcase oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic oil, #2 heating oil (diesel fuel), and most synthetic oils. It can burn any combination of these fluids as well.

2. It won’t get in your way.
The CE-180 waste oil furnace fits most floor plans without taking up precious real estate. With a variety of mounting options for the unit and tank, and chimney outlets on the left and right sides, it won’t take up a lot of space or get in the way of your staff.

3. It produces efficient, reliable heat.
You can depend on the CE-180 waste oil furnace to keep your building comfortable consistently. It has a 140,000 BTU output, 1.2 gallons per hour maximum fuel consumption, burner with 14,000 volt interrupted duty ignition, and our patent-pending high-velocity air swept heat exchanger that ensures heat gets delivered evenly throughout your space. If you have a garage with three to six bays, or a building of similar size, you’ll find it an ideal heating solution.

4. It’s eco-friendly and EPA-compliant.
The CE-180 ensures you dispose of your used oil safely and lawfully. It rids you of the costs, hassles, and risks of removing used oil from your property. By storing your used oil in an EPA-compliant tank and burning it in the CE-180 waste oil furnace, you’ll do right by the environment. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re following government regulations when handling your used oil.

5. It requires minimal maintenance.
You’ll find the CE-180 waste oil furnace easy to clean. It has innovative vertical stainless-steel flue tubes to prevent ash from building up, and its over-center latches on its doors provide easy-access cleaning. With its cleaning interval of about every 1,000 hours of operation, you’ll be able to spend time on your business rather than on your furnace. We stand behind the CE-180’s quality and performance with a 10-year warranty on the furnace’s heat exchanger and a 2-year warranty on parts. We make the CE-180 waste oil heater here in the USA using strong, long-lasting stainless-steel components.

6. It delivers top-notch ROI.
From the minute you fire up your CE-180 waste oil furnace, you’ll start saving on your heating expenses and generating an ROI. Use our online ROI calculator to estimate how quickly you’ll recover your purchase costs. Ask us about the flexible financing plans available to make your investment even more affordable!

Ready, Set, Save with a Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnace 
Contact us to learn more about the CE-180 waste oil furnace, or another Clean Energy Heating Systems product. We’re here to answer your questions and help your business save money on your heating costs, year after year after year.