Three Ways to Prepare Your Waste Oil Furnace for Cold Weather

Although winter is in full swing, there’s still time to prepare your heater for the cold! Getting your waste oil furnace up and running now is a surefire way to start seeing the benefits of waste oil heating, including reduced utility bills and significant cost savings. By following the checklist below, you can also give yourself peace of mind that your waste oil heater will be good to go and ready to deliver its best performance when the thermostat begins to drop.

Keep reading to learn about the three most effective ways to prepare your waste oil heater for the cold months, and contact Clean Energy with any questions you may have about making sure your shop is ready for what Mother Nature has to throw your way.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Before doing any maintenance on your waste oil heater, it’s always a good idea to review the owner’s manual that came with your Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heater. Not only is this manual your guide to ensuring your equipment is operating properly and optimally, but it can also refresh your memory about safe heater use and the recommended maintenance requirements for peak performance. If you have any questions about the manual or how to use your furnace correctly, contact our expert team today for assistance. We’re standing by to help you make the most of your machine to ensure you’re ready for when it matters most.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Although it’s always in your best interest to perform routine maintenance at the recommended time intervals, we understand that life can get away from us. Therefore, if you haven’t yet done so, complete the maintenance tasks recommended for your specific waste oil heater. These may include removing water and sludge from the used oil storage tank or cleaning the pump head screen or oil filter to remove buildup. Also, make sure you’re removing ash from the heat exchanger after 1,200 hours of use and cleaning the nozzle adapter heat block after 2,000 to 3,000 hours of use. Checking your maintenance records and taking care of these tasks ahead of time will better prepare you when winter hits!

Fire Up Your Furnace

After you’ve consulted the owner’s manual and completed the recommended maintenance tasks, it’s time to check your work! Fire up your waste oil heater to make sure it’s working properly and blowing hot air as it should. Should you run into any trouble or you find that air isn’t heating your shop, consult your owner’s manual again for troubleshooting or connect with a professional service technician who can assess the situation and correct the issue. At Clean Energy, our team is standing by to assist in any way we can. From recommending the best waste oil heater for your business to answering questions about repairs and maintenance, we can help you make the most of your waste oil heater this winter.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t get caught out in the cold! If you’d like to make sure you’re ready for the cold weather, contact us today for assistance. We can answer your questions and help you prepare your waste oil heater, or help you determine which model is right for you. We look forward to helping you maximize your savings on your heating bill this winter.