The Right—and Wrong—Way to Dispose of Your Waste Oil

Not only is it unethical and environmentally unsafe to dispose of used waste oil improperly, but it’s also illegal!

Cradle-to-grave laws are in place to enforce safe disposal of waste oil. So, if your company hires a transporter to haul waste oil from your business, you may be held responsible if that transporter violates the laws and standards for disposing of the used oil.  Scary, right? Indeed, it is…and it could cost your business major penalties.

So, how can you take control of disposing of waste oil without breaking the bank? Convert to waste oil heating.

Legal and Financial Benefits of Recycling Waste Oil
A waste oil furnace allows you to recycle your used oil products, allowing you to keep the environment safe and stay compliant with the EPA’s rules.

Two of the main environmental benefits of recycling your used oil include:

  • Prevent the polluting of soil and water.
    Re-use a valuable resource (motor oil and other fluids gets dirty, but they don’t wear out).
  • Rather than needing to haul your waste oil off-site and risk spills or other mishaps, you can instead recycle it (by burning it) in your waste oil furnace, producing free heat for your building in the process.

So, with a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace, you gain the advantages of peace of mind and cost savings.

  • You won’t have to wonder whether your used oil is being handled and disposed of properly.
  • You eliminate the expense of paying someone else to remove and get rid of your used oil.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting fined for a used oil transporter’s lack of compliance.
  • You transform your waste oil into free heat for your facility, saving money on your heating costs year-in and year-out.

Get It Right!
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