Stainless Steel, Swedged Flue Tubes and Other Features to Look for in a Waste Oil Furnace

Making the switch to a waste oil furnace involves several crucial decisions that will ultimately affect your shop’s heating capabilities in the coming years. If you’re unfamiliar with the features that can ensure a long-lasting machine that will generate fast ROI, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most important factors to consider.

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we’re committed to helping you choose an energy option that not only saves you money year after year but that is also environmentally friendly and built to last. Keep reading about several features to look for that mean greater durability and efficiency when it comes to waste oil heaters.

Stainless Steel Components

When it comes to long-lasting durability, few metals can compare to stainless steel. Furnaces with a stainless steel combustion chamber and other components are better equipped to resist corrosion and rust, ensuring your waste oil heater will stand the test of time better than models made with less rugged metals. Since our stainless steel components are made with the same steel that is used in vehicle exhaust systems, they’re also stronger than aluminum and mild steel parts and are able to stand up to rigorous heating demands over time.

Vertical, Swedged Flue Tubes

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we utilize stainless steel, vertical flue tubes in our waste oil furnaces. This innovative design prevents ash from accumulating within the unit while also reducing corrosion and extending the intervals at which you need to clean your machine. What’s more, whereas other manufacturers weld their flue tubes into the heat exchanger, where they ultimately become vulnerable to cracking, we implement swedged flue tubes that can withstand the expansion and contraction process as the furnace continually heats up and cools down. Swedging bonds the metal differently than welding, and is far less susceptible to cracking over the life of the furnace.

Air-Swept Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is a critical component in every waste oil heater because it’s responsible for pushing the heat that’s generated into the air where it can then circulate around your shop. Compared to other types of waste oil furnaces, a model with an air-swept combustion chamber, and stainless steel heat exchanger, will deliver a higher degree of heat transfer. And that means it will require less fuel while heating your facility more efficiently and evenly.

Vacuum-Tested, Preassembled Pump

All waste oil furnaces are connected to the oil tank via a pump. In many cases, however, manufacturers send this pump in multiple pieces that the installation technician must then assemble upon arrival. To eliminate the risk of user error during assembly and prevent leaks in suction, Clean Energy pumps arrive fully assembled and tested! That means you’ll avoid the extra hassle, time and potential risks of human error during the setup process.

High Altitude Settings

If your facility is located at a high elevation, such as 3,500 feet above sea level or higher, make sure that your waste oil heater will perform efficiently – and safely! – at that altitude. Not all waste oil furnace models are able to maintain a consistent combustion process when the oxygen levels in the air are reduced, which can lead to overfiring and permanent damage that will decrease the lifespan of the heater. Therefore, ask the manufacturer if their units are designed to accommodate high altitudes and capable of functioning in these environments. Clean Energy waste oil furnaces offer this feature and can be used in high-altitude locales.

Easy-to-Clean Design

Regular cleaning and routine maintenance are critical when it comes to keeping your waste oil heater in exceptional working order. Look for models with an easy-to-clean design, tool-free cleanout, a hinged cleanout door, over-center latches on all doors, vertical flue tubes and an oil line that doesn’t require disconnecting before cleaning. These features, all available on Clean Energy furnaces, will make cleaning and servicing your waste oil heater that much easier. And that will increase the likelihood of you maintaining the recommended maintenance and service schedule. 

Ready to Learn More?

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, our waste oil heaters check all the boxes when it comes to superior features, long-lasting durability and optimized energy savings. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our waste oil furnaces, contact us today. We’re here to support you and help you boost your bottom line for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you!