Save Like a Boss with our CE-250 Waste Oil Furnace

Take charge of your business’ bottom line by saving big on your heating costs with a waste oil furnace.  The Clean Energy Heating Systems CE-250 waste oil furnace is ideal for garages with five to eight bays. Its innovative design and exceptional ROI make it a superior choice.

Here’s why it deserves your attention…

Six Reasons the CE-250 Waste Oil Furnace is a Smart Investment

1. It dials down your expenses.
The Clean Energy Heating Systems CE-250 furnace can dramatically reduce your need to buy heating fuel. And, depending on how much used oil you generate, it might even eliminate your reliance on an outside source. With the CE-250, you transform your waste oil into FREE heat for your facility. What could be more cost-efficient than that? The CE-250 waste oil furnace can burn used transmission fluids, crankcase oil, hydraulic oil, #2 heating oil (diesel fuel), and most synthetic oils—and any combination of them.

2. It knows its place.
You can mount the CE-250 waste oil furnace on the tank, wall, or ceiling. So if you don’t have floor space to spare, you have other options. With chimney outlets on the left and right side, you can place the furnace wherever it will fit best in your building. Also, ask us about our Waste Oil Heating Center that gives you a space-efficient way to mount all furnace components vertically in a compact area.

3. It won’t leave you out in the cold.
The hallmark of the CE-250 waste oil furnace is consistent, reliable heat. It has a 195,000 BTU output, 1.7 gallons per hour maximum fuel consumption, and burner with 14,000 volt interrupted duty ignition. Also, take note of its patent-pending high-velocity air swept heat exchanger that makes sure heat gets distributed evenly throughout your building.

4. It’s the gold standard in environmental friendliness and EPA compliance.
The CE-250 allows you to dispose of your used oil safely, lawfully, and conveniently. Why face the costs and possible legal risks of having a third-party remove your used oil? With the CE-250, your waste oil goes from its holding tank to your furnace, where it’s burned and creates clean heat.

5. It won’t cramp your style.
The CE-250 waste oil furnace is easy to clean and maintain. It has unique vertical stainless-steel flue tubes to prevent ash buildup, and over-center latches on its doors to provide quick cleanout access. You’ll find its generous servicing intervals give you lots of time in between cleanings and routine maintenance.

6. Its remarkable ROI speaks for itself.
Use our online ROI calculator to estimate how much you’ll save, and how quickly you’ll recover your purchase costs. From the moment you fire up your CE-250 waste oil furnace, your business will begin to reap the rewards. We make the CE-250 here in the USA and use only the best quality, durable materials. We stand behind its construction and performance with a 10-year warranty on the furnace’s heat exchanger, and a 2-year warranty on parts. Worried about the upfront investment? Don’t be! We offer flexible payment plans through the reputable financial institutions we partner with.

Ready to Take Charge of Your Business’ Heating Costs with a Clean Energy Heating Systems Waste Oil Furnace?
You have the power with the CE-250 waste oil furnace! Contact us to learn more about how it can help you save money and boost your profitability for years to come.