Is It Time to Upgrade Your Waste Oil Furnace?

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we engineer our waste oil furnaces to last for the long haul, providing you with an exceptional return on your investment. However, not every furnace is made with the same quality and design to ensure enduring performance.

Is it time to upgrade? Here are some signs that point to ‘Yes’.

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Waste Oil Furnace

1. Your waste oil supply isn’t going as far as it used to.
As you know, the more you can rely on the waste oil your business generates, the more money you save with a waste oil heater. If you’ve noticed that your furnace seems to be burning through more waste oil than before under typical circumstances, it may be time to look for one with increased efficiency.

2. Your old furnace has started to have operational issues.
Have you needed to call a service tech repeatedly or more frequently lately, even though you’ve been using your waste oil furnace properly and following all of the maintenance instructions? That’s not only frustrating, but it also could rack up costs quickly. And, it could be a sign that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. Avoid getting caught without heat when you need it most; be proactive about looking for a new furnace to replace the one you have now.

3. Your waste oil furnace isn’t large enough to heat your facility.
Whether you’ve recently built an addition onto your building or bought a too-small furnace in the first place, having a heater without the capacity to effectively serve your space doesn’t make sense! A larger model with the output you need will keep you comfortable and save you money by converting more of your waste oil into free heat for your facility.

The Ultimate Waste Oil Furnace Upgrade
Right now, Clean Energy Heating Systems is offering the Ultimate Upgrade and giving up to $1,500 toward the purchase of one of our new waste oil furnaces when you trade in your old furnace (any brand!). Whether your small shop’s existing furnace is experiencing problems, or you need a bigger furnace (like our new CE-440 furnace) to heat a warehouse area, we want the upgrade to be cost-effective for you.

Contact us today to ask about our money-saving trade-in offer and flexible financing plans. With our furnace’s advanced design, durable construction, versatile options, easy installation, simple maintenance, and other innovative features, they are the ultimate upgrade!