How To Make the Transition to a Waste Oil Furnace

The weather is getting warmer and thinking about how you heat your facility is probably the last thing on your mind. But now is the perfect time to think about making the transition to waste oil heating for your business. Upgrading to waste oil heat now means that you’ll be ready to begin saving money the moment you turn the heat back on this fall. And because installing a waste oil furnace takes planning, time and effort, you’ll be glad you got a jump on this project!

So if you’re thinking about transitioning from a traditional oil, electric or gas furnace to a waste oil furnace, here are some important factors to consider before you make the switch.

Factors to Consider When Switching to a Waste Oil Furnace

Logistics & Layout
One of the first things you will need to do is assess the available space you have to accommodate a waste oil furnace. Every building presents its own logistical challenges, so it’s important to give this careful consideration when you’re trying to determine the location for your waste oil furnace. And in fact, there are three components you’ll need to plan for: a tank, a chimney stack, and the furnace itself. Read on to learn more about these individual considerations.

Tank Location
With so many possibilities, choosing a location for your oil tank also demands some time. You could position it outside your building, inside your building or you use our Waste Oil Heating Center. By using our Waste Oil Heating Center, you can actually simplify the thought process, because it keeps all the waste oil heating elements in one convenient place.

Chimney Location
Several variables specific to your facility will determine where the chimney must be placed. Consult local building codes to see what requirements they have for where the chimney should go and what type of chimney you need to use. Be sure to keep your chimney stack installation simple. If you have multiple turns and horizontal runs, you’ll reduce the natural draft of the furnace, risking damage to critical burner components.

Furnace Location
Our furnaces can accommodate nearly any shop size and are versatile enough to be mounted to your ceiling, wall or floor mounted on our Heating Center tank. For the ultimate in space-efficiency, our tank and furnace are self-contained in a single unit, so you don’t have to give up a significant amount of valuable floor space. At Clean Energy Heating Systems, our Waste Oil Heating Center includes a 50-gallon tank and a heavy-duty mount that places the furnace over top of the tank. This is a great solution when space is limited. But even when space is not limited, think about the best location for your furnace. And choose a spot with easy access for clean-outs and service, as well as easy connection to your tank and chimney.

Heat Discharge
We make our waste oil furnaces with vent ports in multiple locations, so you can install them however it works best for your building’s layout. By choosing a waste oil furnace that has an adaptable output, you can decide how to best heat your facility with it. You can either blow the heat that it generates directly into an open space, or you can channel it into ductwork to vent the heat to specific areas of your building. Our waste oil furnaces can be configured for left, right or even top output to maximize installation flexibility. But think about where you’ll need your heat, and how to get the hot air where you need it! This consideration can greatly impact where you locate your furnace.

Timing of Installation
The best time to install a waste oil furnace is when you don’t need it, because installations take time and sometimes turn into a little bit of a construction project. Installing your waste oil heater in the spring or summer will ensure that your system is up and running when the colder months hit and you need the furnace to heat your facility. This also will allow you to start saving up your used oil now so you have plenty to power your waste oil furnace when winter comes.

Ready to Switch to a Waste Oil Furnace?
Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and potential savings your business can gain by switching to waste oil heating. No matter the size of your shop or the volume of used oil you produce, we have a waste oil furnace that’s perfect for your situation.